“The first under the leadership of the Brigadier General.” The Egyptian national team suffers a four-to-one defeat

12:33 AM

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Books – Youssef Muhammad

The Croatian national team was able to achieve victory over the Egyptian national team, with a score of four goals to two, in the match that brought together the two teams in the framework of the Egyptian Capital Cup final,

This is the first defeat for the Egyptian national team, under the leadership of Hossam Hassan, in his second match with the national team.

Hossam Hassan led the Egyptian national team in only two matches, since he took over the technical leadership of the Egyptian national team. He was able to achieve victory in a match against the New Zealand national team in the semi-finals of the Egyptian Capital Cup, while he was defeated in the second match, which brought him together with the Croatian national team today in the final of the tournament.

The Egyptian Football Association had previously announced that Hossam Hassan would take over the technical leadership of the Egyptian national team, succeeding Portuguese Rui Vitoria.

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