Yordan Harel is in love with the senior journalist: “An amazing man, we are good together”

Jordan Harel (Instagram photo)

Yordan Harel, the model and presenter of Network 13, recently revealed her new relationship with Yossi Yehoshua, the journalist and military columnist for “Yediot Ahronoth”. The two have already had time to model the relationship on Instagram when they are at the beginning of the relationship. But how big is love?

In Mako, they asked her on the photo set for the “Renoir” holiday campaign about the emerging relationship, and received a clear answer: “He is an amazing person and I can say that we are very good together, we have been together for three months.”

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She also told about the moment they met: “We have had a ‘peace-peace’ over the years. Yossi is often at Shiba Tel Hashomer and visits wounded soldiers, and I also joined and we were able to start talking. From there it has already progressed. We are still relatively at the beginning so I will keep The romantic gestures to myself. Wait, slowly.”

It should be mentioned that the model was previously married to Omari Shalem, but they got emotional in May 2022, and more than three months ago she ended her relationship with the photographer Matan Cohen. It seems that precisely under the auspices of the war and in a completely unexpected place, Harel and Yehoshua fell in love and now they are not ashamed to reveal it to everyone.

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    Not worth an article. There is no interest in her and it is not clear why she is doing slots in TV programs. Completely boring.


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