Yossi Benyon responded to the storm surrounding the termination of his role in the Israel national team: “It bothers me that they did not live up to the agreement”

The professional manager of the Israel national team, Yossi Benyon, who finished his position yesterday (Wednesday), uploaded a post on Instagram, to comment for the first time on the storm surrounding the national team. “The truth is that I waited a bit for the storm to subside and for the disappointment of not qualifying for the Euros to calm down so that I could say that I had the honor and the privilege to once again be a part of the amazing thing called the Israel national team,” he began his words.

Benyon continued: “I enjoyed every moment of working alongside a team of good and professional people, each in their own field and in front of a squad of players who always wanted and gave their all to succeed in making history, but unfortunately for all of us it didn’t happen this time. Sometimes things don’t work out for one reason or another or bad results and that A natural in our industry.I never pursued any role or stayed anywhere I didn’t want or felt unwelcome.

“Yes, it was important for me to sit down for a conversation with the chairman and understand the reasons for the separation beyond the recent results that ended in disappointment on our part. In several cases during the previous gathering and also a few days before the game against Iceland, we agreed on continuing the path for another two years, which for me was a clear statement that they did believe in our path despite the results (who even remembers that there was a war?). Yes, it was important for me to understand why they do not comply with the summary because I am a person who believes that one should always keep one’s word.”

Benyon also wrote: “From my long and good acquaintance with Shino, he is also such a person and that is the only thing that bothered me. After a personal and professional conversation with Shino, I understood a few things and everyone went on their way. I always used to say in personal conversations everything that I feel, certainly in a personal conversation with the employer Mine, it is very unfortunate to see that parts of the conversation came out of such and such ‘closers’ and of course some parts must have been taken out of context and their purpose is to try and hurt us all. Throughout my career, personal matters have always remained personal and did not leak out and a drop of thought will make anyone with sense understand who was harmed by bringing them out, It’s a shame, but this too will pass like everything else in life.”

In conclusion, Benyon wrote: “I want to end by wishing success to the Israel team. It is without a doubt bigger and more important than all of us. I hope the games will return to Israel soon and that the fans will be able to support and push from the stands and lead the talented players in the team and I have no doubt that we will reach a big tournament with God’s help.”

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