Hanan ben Ari moves: “Surely God also hears this cry”

Hanan Ben Ari (Flash 90 photo/Olivia Pitosi)

Ben Ari, who asked his soldier fans to show unit pride and come with the flags of divisions and units, published several videos from his performance on the social network “Instagram”. In one of the videos posted on Instagram, Ben Ari addressed the soldiers who came to his performance and wrote: “I saw in your eyes that you are going through a period. That you are fighting for the joy. Proud of you for coming. Very proud of us as a nation. The mentality of winners.”

(Photo: @hanhanbenari)

Ben Ari continued to be emotional in his words and wrote about the inspiring nature of IDF soldiers: “Winners who know how to scream their pain out. who know how to make this impossible transition from memory to independence. Surely God also hears this cry.”

(Photo: @hanhanbenari)

As mentioned, yesterday (Monday) Hanan Ben Ari shared a chilling confession with his followers on the social network. In a number of stories on Instagram, Ben Ari told about his first appearances for IDF soldiers at the beginning of the war and noted that that moment was etched in his memory.

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“We have been through so much in the past six months. I have been crying since this morning. I remember all the lost and sad eyes I met along the way, but somehow just before I collapse to sleep, this moment from the beginning of the war does not leave my mind.”

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