Geula Ibn Sa’ar receives reinforcement from the partner: “Proud of the amazing path we shared”

The third elimination episode of “Dancing with the Stars” on Bequest 12 aired yesterday (Sunday) and the TV presenter Geola Ibn Sa’ar became the first evicted of the group, alongside the dancer Nadav Shaham. Now the dancer summed up the experience in an emotional post on his Instagram account. “Redemption, words cannot express how proud I am of you and the amazing path we shared, but I will try anyway,” he wrote, “From day one, you approached this process with an open heart and determination. Even though you have no experience in dancing or standing on a stage, you embraced the challenge and worked hard to achieve your goals.”

Geula Ibn Sa'ar and Nadav Shaham are dismissed

Geula Ibn Sa’ar and Nadav Shaham are dismissed Photo: Keshet 12 screenshot

Shaham continued to compliment his partner: “Geula from two months ago was in awe of the achievements you achieved. As a teacher, I greatly appreciate the amazing path you have taken. As a friend, I am simply very proud of you. I am happy that we created a common language and that I got to learn from you as well.” He also wrote: “I was privileged to share a significant experience in life with you. I learned how surprising, funny and so interesting you are. Thank you for believing in me, for the hard work and for the fun and laughter we shared. It was an honor to dance with you, and I am grateful.”

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