Islamic Research: Work continues in the main and subsidiary fatwa committees during Eid

Announce Islamic Research Academy About the continuation of the work of the main and subsidiary fatwa committees in all cities and governorates of the Republic during all days Eid al-Adha Mubarak, except for the Eid day.

Dr. said. Nazir Ayyad, Secretary General of the Islamic Research Academy: The fatwa committees and the public services they provide reflect interest Holy Azhar His Grand Imam, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, covers everything that touches people’s reality and meets their daily knowledge needs on many issues of interest to them.

The committees also work on their normal schedule, whether in the morning or evening periods in some committees, which confirms the complex’s interest in this important service that is accepted by various segments of society, each according to their needs and inquiries.

The doctor said Nazir Ayyad The Secretary-General of the Islamic Research Academy said that the Fatwa service provided by the Academy, which aims to meet people’s needs and protect them from every misunderstanding as a result of the spread of some fatwa advocates, receives special attention from the Al-Azhar Al-Sharif Foundation, which called for the expansion of the establishment of sub-fatwa committees to cover all regions of the Republic, as The questions answered in 2023 amounted to (524,352) direct fatwas answered by the fatwa secretaries from Al-Azhar preachers His female preachers are present in the main and subsidiary committees, in addition to the main Fatwa Committee at Al-Azhar Mosque.

The Secretary-General added: Despite the importance of direct fatwas and the meeting between the mufti and the questioner, and the resulting mutual discussion that may result in solving many of the problems of the questioner and clarifying the concepts he needs in an easier and more effective way, the importance that technology has imposed on electronic communication to reach The largest number of the public called for the importance of providing the electronic fatwa service, which may be important for some who feel embarrassed in direct communication and who have life preoccupations that do not enable them to go to the fatwa committee, as the number of questions that were answered through the complex’s website was through the Al-Azhar electronic portal. About 138,914 fatwas have been issued since the start of providing the electronic fatwa service last year.

The Secretary-General explained that in the context of preserving this important scientific heritage, the Academy established an electronic program to archive the fatwas received by the various committees, as the number of fatwas archived during the year 2023 reached about 29,949 fatwas, which were classified according to the specializations of the questions received by the committees.

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