Abdullah Ghaloush to Her Excellency: Adel Imam is educated and sophisticated and speaks street terminology

Art critic Abdullah Ghaloush expressed his love for leader Adel Imam, saying: “My role model in my professional life, and he is always at the top and number one until now, and even today his films and plays are watched by everyone. He is an intellectual and not a cultural pretender.”

Abdullah Ghaloush added during his interview with the “Her Excellency” program presented by the artist and media personality, Isaad Younis, on the DMC channel, that Adel Imam has the minimum information in all fields and speaks about what he knows, and was able to choose his friends and be close to the street, and is sophisticated and does not stop at anything specific. Every 10 years, he changes what he sees on the street and speaks in street terms.”

Abdullah Ghaloush pointed out that Adel Imam shaped our culture and made us love art, and made our dreams love to be journalists so that we could meet him and conduct dialogues with him.”

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