Artist Abdullah Al-Ruwaished – Here are the developments in his health condition

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Aseel Al-Ruwaished, the daughter of Kuwaiti artist Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, published a tweet on her personal account on the social networking site “X” that sparked great controversy about her father’s health condition.

Comments poured in on Aseel’s post, in which she said, “Oh God, heal, then make it easy, and then comfort Abdullah Al-Ruwaished. You are capable of all things,” wishing the Kuwaiti artist continued health and wellness.


A few days ago, Aseel reposted a tweet asking her followers to pray for her father on the Day of Arafah.

Last February, Al-Ruwaished suffered a health problem. He suffered a stroke, after which he was transferred to a hospital. He traveled to Germany two months ago to complete his treatment.

In the following report, Al-Consulto reviews the groups at risk of developing blood clots, according to the American Heart Association and Prevention.

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Groups at risk of blood clots

1- Obese people

If you suffer from obesity, you must quickly lose excess weight, because obese people are among the groups most at risk of developing blood clots.

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2- Smokers

You must quit smoking and stay away from smokers as much as possible, because it is a bad habit that increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as strokes.

3- Women

Women become vulnerable to blood clots during pregnancy due to hormonal disturbances in the body, in addition to the pressure on the blood vessels in the abdomen and pelvis as the fetus grows.

Blood clots are a serious side effect of birth control pills, so women must be careful when taking them, and consult a doctor when some symptoms appear, such as swelling of the legs, shortness of breath, and chest pain.

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4- Cancer patients

There are types of cancers in which a person becomes susceptible to blood clots. Of which:

– brain cancer.

– ovarian cancer.

– Pancreas cancer.

– Colon Cancer.

– stomach cancer.

– Lung Cancer.

– Kidney cancer.

5- Patients with inflammatory bowel disease

It is important for people with inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn’s disease and colitis, to be aware of the symptoms of blood clots, because they are at risk of developing them.

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6- Little movement

It is necessary to pay attention to exercising regularly, because lack of movement causes blood clots to form in the deep veins of the legs, which may move to the artery feeding the lungs, leading to pulmonary embolism.

7- Those who have a family history of clots

The risk of blood clots increases in people who have a family history of it, that is, a first-degree family member, such as the father or mother, was previously diagnosed with it.

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