Oh Lukaku: Belgium was surprised with 1:0 against Slovakia

The outstanding actor

Martin Dubrowka, score: 7
Beyond his five stops, the Slovakia goalkeeper came out several times with excellent timing and caused Lukaku to get into dangerous situations

The disappointing player

Romelu Lukaku, score: 2
Just not his evening. A lot of misses, two invalid goals and a lot of bad luck for the striker

After three days without too surprising results, House of God came to Euro and devoured all the cards. Ukraine lost 3:0 to Romania in the early game, and in the second game of the evening (Monday), Belgium suffered a terrible misfortune and lost 1:0 to Slovakia, who were amazing at the start of the tournament.

The Belgians are known for their “losers” in big tournaments, and this was manifested many times in tonight’s game. Already in the first five minutes, Romelu Lukaku – who would later become the tragic hero of the meeting – missed twice in a one-on-one, and in the seventh minute he was punished with an advantage goal by On Shkrantz who scored from close range from a rebound to a kick by Yorai Kochka.

The Belgians reached a number of great situations, Lukaku missed many times carelessly and even managed to score no less than twice, but unfortunately both goals were disallowed. Slovakia achieved a huge victory at the opening of the group stage and took a big step to the next stage, the Red Devils want to have to show a huge improvement in the end to avoid another embarrassment after the World Cup.

In the next match Belgium will meet the surprising Romania and will have to get the three points. Slovakia will go into the game against the disappointing Ukraine and will look for a point that might guarantee them a place in the next stage.

second half

  • ’90
  • Judge's decision
  • The final whistle! Belgium missed endlessly and surrendered with 1:0 to Slovakia who achieved a huge victory to start their tournament
Romelu Lukaku kicks into the net, his goal disallowed once again (Reuters)Romelu Lukaku kicks into the net, his goal disallowed once again (Reuters)
  • ’88
  • Judge's decision
  • unbelievable. Once again Lukaku scored from a great cook by Opanda, but again the screen referee team intervened and the goal was disallowed due to touching the cook’s hand during
  • ’85
  • yellow card
  • Luccacchio just entered and immediately received a yellow card
Romelu Lukaku in a fight with Milan Skriniar (Reuters)Romelu Lukaku in a fight with Milan Skriniar (Reuters)
  • ’84
  • spare
  • Dodi Luccacchio at the expense of Yannick Carrasco
  • ’84
  • spare
  • Another double substitution in Belgium: Jeremy Ducou instead of Louis Opanda
  • ’81
  • spare
  • David Doris came on for Slovakia in place of goal scorer On Škrantz
Yuri Tillmans receives a yellow card (Reuters)Yuri Tillmans receives a yellow card (Reuters)
  • ’76
  • yellow card
  • Yellow card for Tillmans
  • ’74
  • spare
  • Yuri Tillmans came in for Leandro Trossard in Belgium
  • ’70
  • spare
  • David Strelts replaced Robert Boznik
  • ’70
  • spare
  • Double exchange in Slovakia. Lukasz Herslin came in instead of Thomas Soslov
Johan Bakayoko kicks and squeezes a great save from Hancheko (Reuters)Johan Bakayoko kicks and squeezes a great save from Hancheko (Reuters)
  • ’61
  • acidification
  • The Belgian blitz continued and the ball almost found the net. Doku took a wide shot, the ball was cleared to Bakayoko in the center of the area and he had already subdued Dubrovka, but Hancheko arrived at the last moment and cleared the ball from the goal line
Kevin de Bruyne in action (Reuters)Kevin de Bruyne in action (Reuters)
  • ’59
  • acidification
  • Andrew Trussard reached a great position on the brink of extension after a nice team action. The midfielder sent a strong kick to the frame and squeezed another stop from Medbroka
  • ’58
  • spare
  • Offensive substitution in Belgium. Johan Bakayoko came in instead of Orel Mangala
Romelu Lukaku celebrates too early, goal disallowed (Reuters)Romelu Lukaku celebrates too early, goal disallowed (Reuters)
  • ’57
  • offside
  • Romelu Lukaku already celebrated the correction after many misses when he pushed into the net from close range, but after checking the screen referees the goal was disallowed for a small difference

first half

Romelu Lukaku realizes he missed the ball (Reuters)Romelu Lukaku realizes he missed the ball (Reuters)
The ball escapes to Lukaku once more (Reuters)The ball escapes to Lukaku once more (Reuters)
  • ’42
  • acidification
  • Once again Lukaku was left alone in front of the goalkeeper, this time from a great pass from Carrasco, but he tangled with the ball at his feet once again and lost a great opportunity
Kevin de Bruyne (Reuters)Kevin de Bruyne (Reuters)
  • ’41
  • yellow card
  • On Skrantz received a yellow card
  • ’40
  • acidification
  • A great attacking move from Slovakia ended with a lift that found Lukasz Herslin alone on the edge of the box, his aerial shot went on target, but Con Castiles pounced to push the effort away
  • ’29
  • yellow card
  • Orel Mangala received a yellow card
Andrew Trussard is disappointed (Reuters)Andrew Trussard is disappointed (Reuters)
  • ’20
  • acidification
  • Dubrowka made a big mistake and passed directly to Trusar while he was standing outside the box, the Arsenal player tried to kick over him into the net, but kicked too high and over the goal
Slovakian players are crazy (Reuters)Slovakian players are crazy (Reuters)
Slovakian team players celebrate the surprising goal advantage (Reuters)Slovakian team players celebrate the surprising goal advantage (Reuters)
  • ’7
  • Gate
  • Gate! Slovakia took the lead 0:1: Belgium was punished for the misses in the opening minutes. Jeremy Doku’s loss of the ball led to a dangerous situation, Yorai Kochka squeezed the ball and On Schranz got to the rebound and scored from close range
Romelu Lukaku (Reuters)Romelu Lukaku (Reuters)
  • ’5
  • acidification
  • Once again Romelu Lukaku was sent towards the box, but he barely reached the ball and deflected it to Trusar who lost the momentum and lifted it into the hands of Dubrovka
Romelu Lukaku misses against Martin Dubrowka (Reuters)Romelu Lukaku misses against Martin Dubrowka (Reuters)
  • ’2
  • acidification
  • Jeremy Dukou in a tremendous action dribbled across the entire field and found De Bruyne in the area, the latter passed to Lukaku who from the depth of the area did not meet the ball well enough and it rolled into the hands of Dubrowka
  • ’1
  • Judge's decision
  • The head judge, Omut Meler, started the match!
Final preparations for the match between Belgium and Slovakia (Reuters)Final preparations for the match between Belgium and Slovakia (Reuters)

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