We have done an injustice to the fans, to the sport and to me

A mess outside the Menorah Mivathim Hall just before the championship game between Maccabi and Hapoel Tel Aviv. The meeting planned for 21:00 was postponed to 21:30 due to the riots, when the police arrested a number of fans for disorderly conduct, when some of the audience even refused to enter the hall due to the police’s refusal to allow cheering accessories.

The owner of Hapoel Tel Aviv, Ofer Yanai, told the fans in the background of the events: “Come in, it will be fine, our team is better, we came to win the championship, in two hours from now we will be champions.” The fans answered him: “Celebrate with the police”.

The owner shared: “A complex evening, we came to play basketball, a historic evening for Hapoel Tel Aviv after 55 years, after a very peaceful final series, without violence on the part of the fans, both audiences conducted themselves in an exemplary manner. In the first game, Maccabi hosted him nicely without provocations, things went as they should.”

Ofer Yanai: “It’s a complex evening”

“There was an unwise development of events here, in the end, children who were sitting here singing were passed by horsemen and ran over them. It’s not an easy situation, there were talks with Miki Zohar who intervened and the commissioner, the police offered a compromise that they enter and receive the cheering accessories that they were prevented from entering, which is what created all the commotion here, I really hope we will be there, each side has to swallow their pride and their will “.

“We live in an imperfect world and sometimes you have to make imperfect decisions and compromise. I really hope that the parties involved will take the necessary step to play basketball. We will do an injustice to the fans, to the sport and to me, this is not something we deserve. There is a kind of something related to the very problematic history here, a lot of negative things. We need a new beginning.”

Ofer Yanai (Shahar Gross)Ofer Yanai (Shahar Gross)

“Bring fans out violently, there’s no need for that. Hope the parties will be mature. It’s a deciding game, in the end, as much as we don’t win, they’ll have to decide after that whether it’s a game that could have been played or not. If it’s a game that couldn’t be played, we’re champions, we won the second game. I prefer to win on the field and at their home with their strongest lineup, we have the quality for that, I really hope that the parties will make a decision to move forward”, he concluded.

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