Benjamin Netanyahu: This is how he retracted the talk about a “partial deal”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clarified yesterday in the Knesset plenum that he is committed to a full hostage deal, this after saying the day before in an interview with Channel 14 that he would agree to a partial deal, which provoked much criticism.

This morning (Sunday) Network B reported here that behind the correction and clarification is pressure from the negotiating team and mediators, especially Qatar, who did not understand why Netanyahu said that Israel was ready for a partial deal contrary to his position so far.

As I recall, a senior political official said yesterday that “Netanyahu’s amendment is very important, it moves the ball into Hamas’s court. This is the first time that Netanyahu has spoken publicly and pledged to support and implement an outline presented by Biden. This is important in front of the mediators and in front of the world in order to promote a kidnapping deal.”

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