Former Scotland star: If Ronaldo were English, he would not have played for Southgate’s national team!

Ronaldo would not have played for England if he had been English…

Former Scotland star Ali McCoist believes that Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese legend, was not participating primarily under Gareth Southgate, the England national team coach.

The Madeira Rocket is participating with his country in the Euro 2024 tournament, and has secured qualification to the round of 16, after topping Group Six with six points.

McCoist said in press statements: “I think the saying that Ronaldo will not play for England if he is English is correct. Five or ten years ago, Ronaldo would have been a starter with 10 other players next to him.”

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He added: “At the present time, age is catching up with him, and of course he will not be able to be a starter. That is his natural position at this current time. I do not think that he will be part of the starting lineup for the English national team.”

The England national team is preparing to face Slovenia tomorrow evening, Tuesday, in the third round of the tournament, while Ronaldo’s teammates will face the Georgia national team in the same round.

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