Power outage: High school, the refugee issue, and Sisi’s tweets intensify the crisis

Electricity was cut off in some neighborhoods of Cairo

image source, Getty Images

The frequency of power outages in Egypt has increased in recent days, reaching more than five hours in some areas, in light of a significant rise in temperatures, and official government silence in explaining what is happening regarding the increase in load shedding hours and its causes, which are still not understood.

As soon as I started writing this report about the power outage in Egypt, the response quickly came to me with an unpleasant, albeit expected, surprise. The place around me became dark, the only source of air in the room stopped, and the temperature rose quickly. I then realized that my prayers, which I kept repeating for the electricity to remain on until I finished writing the report, had not worked, and that I must go through the experience with patience and perseverance.

For more than two and a half hours, and the suffering continues, the sounds of the machines have almost completely stopped, and there is only the sweat pouring out and the heat that ravages the body and weighs down the soul. It was almost two in the afternoon, and the temperature reached 41 degrees in one of the new cities east of Cairo. The state of stability and calm quickly collapsed and the stage of audio-visual hallucinations began, especially with the water being cut off as well.

In a country that had previously declared self-sufficiency in natural gas and spending billions of pounds on developing electricity networks, and even exporting it abroad, the matter was widely questioned and ridiculed about the reality of what is happening and how this very hot summer will be according to official forecasts.

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