How old is the morgue worker?

Jennifer Burrows Wikipedia was the most searched topic on the Internet. People were curious to know more about Jennifer’s personal life.

A satirical website called World News Daily Report recently published an article that was mistakenly taken seriously by some social media users.

The article reported a fictional story about a morgue worker named Jennifer Burrows of Kansas City, who allegedly gave birth to a child that belonged to a deceased man.

However, it must be noted that the website clearly describes itself as satirical and states that all characters mentioned in its articles are completely fictional.

Comments that followed the shared link on social media indicated that certain individuals mistakenly believed the article was real news.

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Wikipedia and biography of Jennifer Burrows

The story involving Jennifer Burrows, who allegedly gave birth to a child fathered by a deceased man, received widespread attention from people who mistakenly believed it to be true.

However, it is important to know that the article is a scam. The first publication of this fictional story took place in October 2016 on a satirical website called “World News Daily Report”.

Recently, a modified version of the fake report resurfaced on social media, capturing people’s interest due to its shocking and bizarre nature.

Interestingly, another satirical website called Dead Serious News published a similar story in November 2010.

Jennifer Burrows is a fictional character created for a fake article.
Jennifer Burrows is a fictional character created for fake news. (Image source: Amazon)

In that storyA 38-year-old employee of the morgue became pregnant after having sex with the deceased whom she was preparing for burial.

The World News Daily Report repurposed this story when creating its article on Burrows’ arrest.

The website includes a disclaimer stating that all characters and situations are fictitious.

However, due to the persuasive nature of news, many individuals spread incorrect information.

According to a fake news report, the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department has discovered that Jennifer Burrows’ baby is the offspring of a man who died in a 2015 car accident.

The article also claimed that the child was born on January 7, 2016, and a DNA test confirmed that the deceased man was the biological father.

In addition, a fabricated report alleged that Jennifer Burrows, a morgue worker, abused more than 60 deceased male bodies, ranging in age from 17 to 71.

The fictional article quoted several fictional experts who gave opinions on the situation.

The fake news article referred to fictitious experts such as Professor Isabella Ramirez of the University of Missouri and Dr. Geral Porter, a well-known psychologist specializing in sexual disorders who is affiliated with the Institute of Psychological Sciences.

The article concluded by suggesting that Burrows, the subject of the fake news, reportedly has mental health issues and might consider pleading insanity.

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Jennifer Burrows Age: How old is the morgue worker?

The fictional character Jennifer Burrows, as mentioned in the fake article, has no real age because she does not exist in reality.

However, the article stated that she was 26 year old a mortuary worker from Kansas City, United States.

As a work of fiction, the article provides certain details about Jennifer Burrows to give the impression of authenticity.

The age mentioned in the fake article was 26.
The age mentioned in the fake article was 26. (Image source: TheNetline)

The inclusion of her age is part of the narrative designed to make the story more believable.

However, it is important to recognize that Jennifer Burrows is a fictional character in the context of the article and that there is no physical person with that name and occupation.

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