Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones Separation Confirmed as of 2019. Talks Today

After several years of marriage, Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones separated.

Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones separated, and according to their close friend, the separation took place in 2019.

Divorce rumors that surfaced in 2023 are not the first time actor Jericho Rosales and model Kim Jones have been involved. Jericho and Kim are rumored to have broken up caught fire due to a blind object.

Last January 14, the actor revealed his true status with Jones in an interview.

“We are happy, we are doing well. Kim and I are amazing, fantastic,” he says Jericho about the real score.

The couple led a very modest married life and remained on good terms amid the rumours. However, based on a recent revelation by a close friend of the two, the split is true and they have been separated accordingly since 2019.

Ricco Ocampo revealed this based on a post by MJ Felipe, an ABS-CBN reporter. He is godfather to two. He added that the split was a mutual and friendly decision. The rest are friends.

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Many were shocked and surprised because all those years from 2019 until today there were no indications. They even hung out with each other and their interactions on social media were just casual.

Some people online just expressed their confusion because the confirmation didn’t come from them.

“The two are full of gratitude for the memories they’ve made together and the lessons they’ve learned. They traveled through the separation with the utmost respect and care for each other precisely because Echo and Kim are best friends and love each other like family.” Ocampo says.

Divorce was not done with bad feelings, but instead, it was done by the former couple to show their affection and respect for each other. They only want the best for each other.

Jericho and Kim are “incredibly grateful” for the support they’ve received and would appreciate people respecting their privacy during this time.

As a reminder, they got married at a resort in Boracay in May 2014. They first met in 2011 through Dominic Ochoa’s wife and became a couple the same year. The following year, they made their relationship public, and in August 2013 they got engaged.

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