Married to girlfriend Amber Chardae?

Marcel Spears’ wife is among the sought after, but the actor rarely talks about his love life in the media. Let’s know more about his relationship status.

Marcel Spears is a prominent actor from the United States of America who came to the big screen after getting the role of TK Clifton in the TV series The Mayor, released in 2018.

As of 2018, Spears has appeared in several movies and TV series that have helped him gain name and fame. Some of his notable roles can also be seen in The Dress, Remember and Always a Bridesmaid.

In addition, Spears plays the role of Marty Butler in the hit television series The Neighborhood.

Marcel Spears Wife: Is He Married to Girlfriend Amber Chardae?

Marcel Spears does not have a wife, but he is reportedly in a relationship with his girlfriend Amber Chardae.

Furthermore, Spears also falls into the category of those who prefer to maintain a high degree of privacy in their private lives.

This is why Marcel has never openly talked about his love life with the media.

However, GlamorBiz reported that Spears and his likely wife-to-be Amber met at Prairie View A&M University in Texas on May 16, 2016.

Rumor has it that Marcel Spears was dating his beloved girlfriend Amber Chardae since the first meeting in 2016 ( Source: Instagram )

Soon after they met, the couple started dating and have been inseparable ever since.

The doves in love supported each other in every step of their lives, and more than five years of their romantic relationship have passed.

Moreover, Spears has not said anything about their upcoming wedding. Therefore, it is believed that they are focused on their professional career.

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Marcel Spears and Chelsea Harris’ relationship explored

As mentioned earlier, Marcel Spears never opens up to the media about his personal matters. Because of this, there is very little information about his relationship with alleged girlfriend Amber Chardae.

In addition, Spears was once linked to actress Chelsea Harris, but they never had a romantic relationship.

But the topic of their relationship circulated while they were working together on a project called The Neighbourhood.

Marcel Spears and Chelsea Harris
Marcel Spears and Chelsea Harris played the role of an on-screen couple in The Neighbourhood. (Source: TV Insider )

In the hit series, Spears and Harris he appeared as a couple. In the series, Marcel appeared as Marty, while Chelsea played Necie. In the beginning, they shared a girlfriend and boyfriend relationship.

In the Season 4 finale, Marty gets down on bended knee and proposes to Necie. Although they became engaged, they did not marry.

Marcel Spears Gay Rumors: Sexuality Revealed

No, Marcel Spears is not gay and is a straight man. In the meantime, the topic of his sexuality generated a lot of public attention, which was created after he appeared as a black, homosexual Hamlet in the Broadway play Fat Ham.

Furthermore, Spears gave an interview with CBS where he talked about how the character adds a new dimension to the timeless story of Hamlet.

Marcel Spears Gay
Marcel Spears appeared as the black, homosexual Hamlet in the Broadway play Fat Ham. (Source: Best movie ratings)

In the interview, Marcel spoke passionately about his role. Because of his gay role, people might have thought he was gay in real life. However, there is no truth in that.

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