Was he fired – what did he do?

Learn more about Louisville head coach Rick Pitino’s scandal through this article. Viewers are curious if he was fired from the team.

Rick Pitino is a former college basketball coach who has had a long and successful career in the sport.

Pitino first became the head coach at Boston University in 1978 and later coached at Providence, Kentucky, Louisville and Iona College.

Rick is best known for his successful tenure at Kentucky, where he won the national championship in 1996.

Pitino was known for his high-pressure defense, fast-paced offense and innovative coaching techniques. He is also known for his ability to develop players and success in recruiting top talent.

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Rick Pitino Louisville Scandal and Controversy

The Pitino scandal refers to various events that include allegations of illegal payments to recruits and a sex scandal involving the school’s basketball staff and players.

In September 2017, The NCAA found Louisville guilty four Level I fouls, the most serious in college sports.

That included a five-game suspension for Pitino, a reduction in scholarships and a year off after victories, including the 2013 national championship.

Pitino filed a $38.7 million lawsuit against ULAA. However, in 2019, he settled with the university and dropped the case, and his dismissal was changed from dismissal to resignation without liability between the two parties.

However, the scandal and controversies he had in 2017 affected his career, he was grilled, and people posted negative comments about him online.

Rick Pitino, the Louisville coach, was involved in some notable college scandals in 2017. (Image source: The bell ringer)

Following the scandal, Panathinaikos, a basketball team based in Greece, revealed that they had named Pitino as their head coach for the remainder of the 2018 season.

He then joined Iona in 2020 and was the head coach until 2023. It was just revealed that Rick has decided to join St. John’s for the 2023-24 season.

Was Rick Pitino Fired – What Did He Do?

According to the 2023 update, he was not fired; he mentioned that he joins Saint John in a joint decision with Iona.

On March 20, 2023, he confirmed that he had become the head coach for St.John. He did not reveal any news about how many seasons he will play for St. John’s.

Rick Pitino has confirmed that he will be leaving his current position at Iona College to join the University of St.  John's.
Rick Pitino has confirmed that he will be leaving his current position at Iona College to join the University of St. John’s. (Image source: Patch)

Pitino joined the team just a week after Mike Anderson was fired as St. Louis head coach.

But during the 2017 scandal, Pitino was also fired from the University in October following an FBI investigation into corruption in college basketball recruiting.

The investigation alleged that a Louisville assistant coach was involved in a scheme to pay a recruit’s family $100,000 to ensure he signed with the university.

Rick was placed on unpaid administrative leave and later fired for cause by the University of Louisville.

Additionally, he denied knowledge of the scheme and has not been charged with a crime.

Rick Pitino Net Worth Update: How Rich Is He Now?

After Pitino decided to join the press team, people were curious to know more about his current net worth and career earnings.

According to sourcehis net worth is $45 million and his base salary is $7.7 million.

Pitino’s primary source of income is his career as a basketball coach. He was a coach at several universities and professional teams. Pitino made money from endorsements and speaking engagements.

In addition to his career as a former basketball player or coach, he has written several books, including “Success is a Choice” and “Rules of Comeback,”

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