Willie Revillame announces he is ready to run for senator in 2025. | PhilNews Talks Today

Willie Revillame announces he is ready to run for senator in 2025. | PhilNews

Willie Revillame is reportedly ready to run for senator in 2025

WILLIE REVILLAME – Filipino television host, comedian and businessman Willie Revillame has announced that he is ready to run for senator in 2025.

Willie Revillame is one of the renowned comedians and TV hosts in the Philippines. He is known as one of the richest showbiz stars in the country. He shares his blessings through some of his game shows which have really become popular among the masses like Wowowin.

In 2022, he decided against renewing his contract with GMA Network and signed a contract with ALLTV instead. Unfortunately, due to network signal issues, programming on the network owned by billionaire Manny Villar had to be temporarily halted. After that, Willie decided to step down from ALLTV, where he also held the role of creative consultant.

Reports have surfaced suggesting negotiations between Willie and state networks PTV and IBC to continue his show Wowowin. However, there is currently no information available on the latest developments in these negotiations.

However, in November of the previous year there were rumors suggesting that Willie’s expected move to the state-owned network might not materialize. At the time, it was suggested that the veteran host had encountered difficulties in securing a studio for his show.

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Photo source: DZAR 1026 Youtube

Willie Revillame was among those who attended a protest rally in Davao City this Sunday evening, January 28. During the event, Willie talked about the offer he was given by former President Rody Duterte to run for senator.

However, then Willie mentioned that he was still under contract, and he felt he wasn’t ready yet, so he decided not to run. He said he prayed about his decision and believes he is now ready to run for senator in 2025.

“Palagay ko, handa na ako. Handa ho ako do ng ng silahi, handa ako magsilbi hindi lang sa bayan. handa akong magsilbi sa ating kabababayan na languman ng tulong,” Willie said.

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