Is Federica Masolin Incinta (Pregnant) 2023? Figli

Is Federica Masolin Pregnant in 2023? Federica Masolin is an Italian sports journalist and television presenter for Sky Sport.

She previously reported for the channel on men’s and women’s volleyball, Serie A and Serie B soccer leagues, Copa América 2011, the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

She is now the main anchor of the Formula 1 race coverage on Sky Sport.

Following a meeting with Sky’s CEO in Sochi in February that year, she was appointed to host Sky Sport’s three-day coverage of Formula 1 races starting in the 2014 season.

She also oversaw the pre-season presentations of Ferrari’s racing team. Masolin reviewed the sports rules and discussed them with associates to prepare for the position.

She made her debut as a presenter at the Australian Grand Prix in 2014.

She has since developed friendly professional and personal ties with fellow commentators, Davide Valsecchi and Jacques Villeneuve, who won the 1997 World Driving Championship.

Stay with us until the end to learn about it News about Federica Masolin Incinta (Pregnant) 2023.

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F1: Is Federica Masolin Incinta (Pregnant) 2023?

The news about the pregnancy of Federica Masolin Incinta is circulating on the Internet. It’s true? No, she hadn’t mentioned anything about her pregnancy lately; people assume it for other reasons.

Federica Masolin and Davide Valsecchi were informed after a one-on-one interview between journalist Mara Sangiorgio and Sebastian Vettel.

But after trying to react, the presenter gave in to her emotions and started crying in front of the cameras.

Federica Masolin Incinta news has not been confirmed yet. (Source: Image of motor sports)

Masolin struggles to say, “He’s always come across as a good person, even before the pilot,” as his co-star laughs.

Carlo Vanzini and Marc Gené, watching from the race commentary post, were quiet but clearly excited. “You made me cry… Help me, anyone,” says the journalist.

It is saved by the direction, which separates the images. The emotional moment lasted until the end of the commercial.

Federica Masolin Figli (Children) and Fidanzato (boyfriend)

According to speculation, he could be dating Sky Sports colleague Pepe DiStefano, a sportsman who follows AC Milan news and activities.

Although there was never any confirmation, the relationship reportedly lasted for three years.

Masolin, the eldest child of Friuli-born parents Flavio and Franca, was born on May 7, 1985 in Milan, Italy. Her father is from Latisana, and her maternal grandfather is from Codroip. Her mother’s name is Franca.

Federica Masolin pregnant
Federica always kept her life a secret. (Source: Italy 24 )

Masolin’s father took her to sporting events such as tennis matches and car races when the two siblings fought because Masolin was envious of her younger sister.

She studied modern literature at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and danced.

At the age of 20, Masolin interned with the editorial team at the sports television channel Sky Sports after briefly contributing small pieces to a neighborhood newspaper.

Her parents gave her full support, and thanks to her work at Sky Sport, she got the opportunity to watch volleyball on the sidelines of both the Serie A1 Men’s League and the Serie A1 Women’s League.

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