AI Kavach’s Digital Defense to Fight $10 Trillion in Cybercrime by 2025

Amid the growing threats of digital fraud and cybercrime, a Cybersecurity Ventures report predicts that by 2025, the global financial toll of such activities will grow to a staggering $10 trillion annually. The digital era, especially after COVID-19, is seeing an increase in online transactions, and thus the urgency for strong security measures has increased. In this digital vulnerability landscape, AI Kavach emerges as a bulwark against fraudulent activities. The company, founded in 2021 by Pratyusha Vemuri and Girish Nagavarapu, is ready to offer revolutionary solutions for the protection of individuals and companies.

Pratyusha Vemuri, at the helm of AI Kavacha, brings an impressive repertoire of experience in product development and management. Her academic journey began with a BTech from JNTU Hyderabad, followed by a Masters in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Toledo, Ohio. Vemuri’s career path includes key roles at Harbinger Systems and Persistent Systems. In 2010, she joined Microsoft India as a Senior Program Manager, where she was instrumental in managing key business products, including Microsoft Exchange.

Her rise within Microsoft was meteoric, eventually leading to the position of Head of Product Identity, Security and Privacy within the Microsoft Cloud + AI Group. There, she managed significant security, privacy and compliance initiatives. Her 14-year tenure at Microsoft imbued her with the acumen to tackle security and fraud issues head-on, culminating in the founding of AI Kavacha, along with co-founder Girish Nagavarapu.

AI Kavach, with its AI-powered digital assistant, promises a proactive defense mechanism against the specter of fraud. Alerts users to potential threats, including identity theft, financial fraud, and identity theft through personalized notifications. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning, Assistant scrutinizes social media, credit card and banking data to detect fraudulent activity. Constant updates and improvements to the AI ​​model ensure that the system stays one step ahead of emerging fraud trends. User feedback also serves as a vital component in improving the protection offered.

AI Kavach’s entrepreneurial journey gained further momentum when Aman Gupta and Peyush Bansal invested INR 1 crore in the venture, following his feature on the second season premiere of Shark Tank India. The expertise and strategic vision of the founders impressed the “Sea Dogs”, earning them not only financial support, but also mentorship to accelerate the company’s growth trajectory.

Vemuri plans to focus the investment on expanding the engineering team and stepping up customer acquisition efforts, especially in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, after focusing on metropolitan areas. The plan includes partnerships with e-commerce platforms, financial institutions and banks to integrate Kavach’s AI protection service.

AI Kavach’s innovative approach to fraud prevention comes at a critical time, with cybercrime damages expected to increase by 2025. The company’s solution is an effective and timely response to the challenges posed by online fraud.

During Shark Tank India Season 3, Pratyusha Vemuri introduced AI Kavach, explaining the startup’s potential impact on protecting Indian consumers and businesses from the growing threat of cybercrime. With a patented AI-driven system capable of identifying and alerting users to fraudulent calls, messages, apps and more, AI Kavach has already achieved significant popularity — boasting 20,000 downloads and 1,500 paying members shortly after launch.

AI Kavach is positioning itself as a sentinel in the fight against cybercriminals, especially in India’s rapidly digitizing environment, which presents ample opportunities for fraud. The innovators behind AI Kavach are poised to serve as the first line of defense against the dangers of cyber fraud, ensuring a safer digital experience for everyone. Stay tuned to our news platform for further updates on this innovative venture and other global developments.

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