Meet His Novia Carlos Quintanilla

Carlos Adyan’s boda (wedding) was celebrated in an intimate ceremony in Miami, marking a joyful union with his partner, Carlos Quintanilla.

Carlos Adyan, the famous Telemundo host, recently married his partner, Carlos Quintanilla, in a beautiful and intimate ceremony in Miami.

A couple who share a love of travel took a luxury trip to the Mediterranean before their wedding.

They explored exclusive islands in Croatia, Greece and Montenegro on the Virgin Voyages cruise ship.

In this article, we go into the details of their wedding celebration, including the ceremony, the guests, and the couple’s exciting plans for the future.

Carlos Adyan Boda (wedding) photos

The point (wedding) of Carlos Adyan and Carlos Quintanilla was a glitzy affair held on Saturday, October 21, in Miami.

Carlos Adyan Boda
The bride and groom, in blue suits and white shirts, set the tone for the “very white” wedding. (Source: non-Spanish people)

The intimate ceremony was held at the home of journalist María Celeste Arrarás, who generously offered her home as the venue for the celebration. The bride and groom looked radiant, and Carlos Adyan chose a blue suit and white shirt.

Carlos Quintanilla, on the other hand, completed the look with a stylish ensemble. The event was captured in stunning photographs that captured the love and joy shared by the couple and their guests.

The ceremony, held at the residence of María Celeste Arrarás, was an intimate gathering attended by close friends and family.

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The presence of these well-known personalities added a touch of glamor to the event, surprising many with the unexpected presence of Marc Anthony.

Meet Carlos Adyan Novia (Girlfriend): Who is Carlos Quintanilla?

Carlos Quintanilla has no novia (girlfriend); instead, he has husbandCarlos Adyan, who was his boyfriend before their wedding.

Carlos Adyan Boda
Carlos Adyan noted on his Instagram profile that Dubrovnik, located in the south of Croatia, stood out as one of the cities he enjoyed the most during their cruise. (Source: mundonow)

Carlos is an influential producer and director of Mexican origin, currently living in Miami and Mexico City.

The couple, who met in Miami over dinner with mutual friends, initially worked together at Telemundo Enterprises. Carlos Quintanilla is Vice President of Original Content for Sony Pictures Latin America.

In an interview with People en Español, Carlos Adyan expressed the importance of intimacy and family. He shared his happiness at reaching this milestone in his personal life and hinted at new beginnings.

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The couple’s plans include starting a family, and the possibility of adoption is on the horizon. Adyan pointed out that their priority is to have children, and adoption is the path they are considering to expand their family.

Is Carlos Adyan gay?

Carlos Adyan’s recent marriage to Carlos Quintanilla indicates that he is gay and has entered into a same-sex marriage.

His recent marriage to Carlos Quintanilla, a Mexican producer and director, suggests that he is in a same-sex relationship. The couple celebrated their love and commitment in an intimate ceremony in Miami.

Adyan’s public disclosure of his sexual orientation remains a personal choice. However, the joyous occasion of his wedding to Quintanilla is a positive display of love and diversity.

In a blue suit and white shirt, the bride and groom set the tone for a “very white” wedding. Following the common tradition, the guests were also dressed in white, creating a cohesive and elegant atmosphere during the ceremony.

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The focus should be on celebrating the couple’s togetherness and the happiness they have found in each other, regardless of specific labels.

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