Was Abdelaziz Benzakour’s accident real? Death and Obituary

Check out the information coming to light about Abdelaziz Benzakour’s accident to understand the circumstances of his death.

Abdelaziz Benzakour was a prominent Moroccan jurist, lawyer and influential human rights defender.

Serving as a mediator of the kingdom appointed by King Mohammed VI from 2011 to 2018, he significantly contributed to the establishment of citizens’ rights.

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Was Abdelaziz Benzakour’s accident real? Cause of death

The passing of Abdelaziz Benzacour on January 2, 2024 at his residence in Casablanca without a reported accident.

The cause of his death was attributed to a prolonged illness, which marked the end of a life dedicated to legal expertise, advocacy and public service.

Throughout his life, Abdelaziz Benzakour demonstrated an unwavering commitment to justice and human rights.

Abdelaziz Benzakour died on January 2, 2024 due to a long illness. (Image source: Aujourd’hui le Maroc)

His role as a mediator in the kingdom, appointed by King Muhammad VI in March 2011, significantly influenced the formation of the institution responsible for the protection of citizens’ rights.

Morocco mourned the loss of an extraordinary person whose life’s work left a lasting impact on the country’s pursuit of justice, human rights and the rule of law.

Finally, to clarify, the cause of Abdelaziz’s death, as mentioned, was attributed to a long-term illness.

Obituary of Abdelaziz Benzakour

Abdelaziz Benzakour, a staunch Moroccan jurist and ardent defender of human rights, died on January 2, 2024.

Benzacour’s illustrious career as a major figure in the legal world spanned decades, marked by notable roles, including bâtonnier of the Casablanca Bar Association and president of the Moroccan Bar Association.

Internationally recognized, Benzakour served as president of the Inter-African Bar Union and contributed to various human rights organizations.

The accident of Abdelaziz Benzakour
Abdelaziz Benzacour’s legacy inspires justice, leaving a profound impact on a global scale. (Image source: H24info.ma)

As one of the original members of the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights in 1988, he has shown a strong commitment to activism and the betterment of society.

His departure leaves a void not only in the legal community but also in the hearts of those who admired his tenacity, integrity and dedication to noble causes.

Benzakor’s legacy lives on as a permanent beacon of inspiration for future generations committed to the pursuit of justice and human dignity.

Since his death, heartfelt condolences have poured in from countless individuals and communities deeply touched by his life’s work.

As a symbol of resilience, justice and an unwavering commitment to human rights, Abdelaziz Benzakour touched the lives of many.

The outpouring of condolences reflects the profound impact he had on the legal and human rights communities, both nationally and internationally.

King Mohammed VI. sends his condolences to the family of Abdelaziz Benzakour

His Majesty King Mohammed VI sent his sincere condolences to the bereaved family of the late Abdelaziz Benzakour in a warm and kind gesture.

The monarch’s heartfelt message pays tribute to Benzacour for his great achievements to the nation, while expressing his deep sorrow and condolences for the loss of his family.

King Mohammed VI paid tribute to Benzacour’s noble efforts, recognizing his exceptional talents as a lawyer, human rights advocate and public servant.

The accident of Abdelaziz Benzakour
King Mohammed VI expresses his sincere condolences on the death of Abdelaziz Benzakour. (Image source: Middle East Institute)

While expressing sadness at the death of a great figure, the king’s speech acknowledged Benzacour’s influence on Moroccan law and human rights issues.

Condolences of King Mohammed VI. it refers not only to members of the immediate family, but also to the wider community of human rights activists and legal professionals who shared the values ​​that Abdelaziz stood for.

The King’s words offer comfort in this difficult time and confirm that the nation appreciates the invaluable service that Benzakour has rendered in various capacities during his illustrious career.

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