Did master roshi voice actor die

As rumors of Mike Mcfarland’s death surface online, fans are wondering if it’s another fake story or if the actor has passed away.

Since the actor was not in public for a long time, the rumors about the death of Mike Mcfarland were additionally sparked.

Michael McFarland is a successful American voice actor and ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) director known for his work on English dubs of Japanese anime at Funimation.

One of his most recognizable roles is as the original English voice of Master Roshi and Yajirobe in Funimation’s Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z dubs.

In addition to these iconic roles, McFarland also lent his voice to several other memorable characters in the anime world, including Jean Havoc in Fullmetal Alchemist, Buggy the Clown in the Funimation dub One Piece, and Jean Kirstein in Attack on Titan.

McFarland has also established himself as a highly sought-after ADR director, having worked on numerous Funimation titles, such as Dragon Ball, Fullmetal Alchemist, Case Closed, Attack on Titan and Rebuild of Evangelion films, as well as the critically acclaimed anime film, Summer Wars.

As the ADR director, McFarland is responsible for ensuring that the dialogue in the English dub matches the lip movements of the characters on screen, while also overseeing the casting, voice direction and overall dubbing production.

With his impressive range of voice acting and ADR directing skills, Michael McFarland has become a respected figure in anime and has played a significant role in bringing popular Japanese anime to English-speaking audiences.

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Mike Mcfarland Death News: Is Voice Actor Dead?

Fans are wondering if rumors of actor Mike McFarland’s death are true or made up as they spread across the internet.

Due to the actor’s longer absence from the public, rumors about the death of Mike Mcfarland gained additional strength.

But these are just rumours, as is often the case with celebrity death rumours.

There are no reports of his health problems, but we assume he is healthy and alive.

Mike Mcfarland
Rumors of Mike Mcfarland’s death are not true. (Source: Otaku USA Magazine)

The rumor may have started because some other people with the same name have recently passed away.

As the actor gained enough popularity, one false rumor was enough to worry his entire fan base. As of now though, Mike fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the actor is alive and hopefully well.

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Mike Mcfarland’s health issues

With rumors of his death floating around, people can’t help but talk about the potential health issues the actor might be facing.

But since Mike isn’t as connected on a personal level with his fans as some of his peers, there’s no way to know for sure if he’s suffering from anything.

In several interviews in which he participated, he did not talk about any fatal diseases, so it is a reasonable assumption that the actor is well and living the best of his life.

Mike Mcfarland
Mike Mcfarland has voiced many anime characters. (Source: Twitter)

With a career as complex as his, there is no doubt that the actor has accumulated enough wealth to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle alongside Mike’s family members.

His portfolio as a veteran performer is very detailed as the actor has been a part of various films and TV series over the years. With his pedigree, it’s no surprise that he has a huge fan base who wish him a very healthy lifestyle.

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