Film icon Sandra Milo leaves a lasting legacy at the age of 90

Sandra Milo, an artist of extraordinary versatility, won over her audience not only with her unforgettable performances in classic films such as “8½” and “Juliet of the Spirits”, but also with her forays into television presenting and her musical contributions, especially albums for children. Her literary venture, “Storie per bambini raccontate da Sandra Milo”, highlighted her special relationship with the younger generation. Sandra’s personal life was marked by a series of deep relationships, resulting in four marriages that spanned from youthful passion to a mature partnership with Cuban businessman Jorge Ordoñez.

The world of cinema and the wider Italian cultural landscape was significantly shaped by Sandra Milo, whose legacy continues to inspire countless artists, directors and filmmakers. Her mark in art is indelible, and her life’s work still resonates with many.

The lives of Sandra Milo’s children — Debora, Ciro and Azzurra — are a reflection of the multifaceted and dramatic life she led. Born to Sandra and Greek producer Moris Ergas, Debora Ergas initially followed in her mother’s footsteps by dabbling in acting and singing before finding her calling as a respected jewelry designer. Her life today is enriched by her close relationship with her mother and siblings.

Ciro De Lollis, Sandra’s son with director Ottavio De Lollis, inherited his mother’s creative gene. His career spans acting, directing and screenwriting. Despite the end of Sandra and Ottavi’s marriage, Ciro remained close to both parents, and his creative work often spoke of his reserved nature.

Azzurra De Lollis, the youngest of Sandra’s children, has chosen a life away from the public eye, providing a constant source of support and love to her family. Together, the trio of Debora, Ciro and Azzurra exemplify the strength of the bond they shared with their mother, a bond that undoubtedly shaped their lives.

The story of Sandra’s children is a story of resilience, creativity and zest for life, all of which are traits they inherited from their mother. Sandra has often said that her children are her most precious treasure, and they continue to sustain her spirit and approach to life, each in their own unique way.

Sandra’s married life was as exciting and varied as her professional life. She entered into her first marriage with Marquis Cesare Rodighier at the age of 15, the marriage was short-lived due to a tragic miscarriage, resulting in a marriage that lasted only 21 days. After that, in 1960, she found love and artistic collaboration with Moris Ergas, which led to the birth of Debora in 1963. Although their marriage ended, they remained on friendly terms because of their daughter.

Her marriage to Ottavia De Lollis in 1968 was a passionate marriage that expanded her family with the birth of Ciro and Azzurra. The demands of her career and motherhood were a juggling act, and the marriage finally ended in 1975. Later in life, Sandra found a stable and peaceful companionship with Jorge Ordoñez, whom she married in 1990. Their marriage lasted until Jorge’s death in 2023.

Sandra’s life, marked by love, devotion, and sometimes sadness, leaves a legacy rich in memories and the permanent presence of her three children. Her life story is a moving illustration of the complex and transformative power of love in its many forms.

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