Is Andrew Gregg the brother of Clark Gregg? Information about siblings

Is Andrew Gregg Clark Gregg’s brother? Fans are curious about the relationship between the cast of Agents of SHIELD.

American actor, screenwriter and director Robert Clark Gregg Jr are best known for his character Phil Coulson in films and television series in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”.

Clark played Agent Phil Iron man, Thor, Captain Marvel, Agents of SHIELDand What if?

Recently, Clark Gregg has been busy with an ongoing television series How I met your fatherseason 2 which aired in January 2023.

On the other side, Andrew Gregg played Agent of SHIELD episode SOS, part two.

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Is Andrew Gregg Clark Gregg’s brother?

Yes, Andrew Gregg was Clark Gregg’s brother, and both were part of the same television series, Agent of SHIELD (2015).

Born on December 30, 1964, Andrew was the younger brother of Clark, who was born on April 2, 1962, two years apart in age.

Andrew was a political advocate who worked for the US Department of Energy. A graduate of Duke University, Andrew has been interested in international and local politics throughout his career.

After graduating, Andrew went to teach at a “non-racial” school in South Africa and was active in the anti-apartheid movement.

Similarly, Clarks’ brother was a senior political adviser to San Jose Mayor Susan Hammer.

After working as a consultant, Andrew founded his own practice, ATG Public Affairs, in 2008, specializing in urban and Bay Area land use planning.

In addition, Andrew has always had a passion for acting and performing, having watched his brother’s acting work throughout his life.

In 2015, as Clark suggested, Andrew joined the cast of Agents of SHIELD, and the Gregg brothers enjoyed filming together.

Clark too divided on his social media page introducing his badass brother as SHIELD’s newest agent.

Clark Gregg and his brother Andrew on the sets of Agent of SHIELD. (Source: Facebook)

Apart from this engagement, Andrew was not part of any other film project. Perhaps we will see his further works, but unfortunately, he passed away on June 12, 2020 at the age of fifty-six.

The cause of death, according to family members, was the consequences of internal bleeding that occurred suddenly.

On that black June day in 2020, sixty-one-year-old Clark Gregg lost a dear brother who remained in the memory of his family and those closest to him.

Clark Gregg and Andrew Gregg family and siblings

Clark Gregg was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and Andrew Gregg was born in Newport, Rhode Island, precious sons of a father Robert Clark and mother Mary Layne Gregg.

Their father was an Episcopal priest and professor at Stanford University. Robert Clark Sr. and Mary Layne married in 1961 and had four children.

Clerk shares his childhood memories with his siblings: his late brother Andrew and his sisters Courtney Gregg Phillips and Amy Gregg Masterson.

Brother Clark Gregg
Young Clark Gregg with his siblings during the Christmas celebration. (Source: Clarkgregg University)

Courtney Gregg is an author and artist who co-authored the book Hours. She wrote the book with her husband, Dennis PhillipsAmerican poet and novelist.

Courtney and Denis have a beautiful daughter and live in Pasadena, California.

No evidence of marriage and partner of Andrew Greggs. However, his older brother Clark is a responsible father of one daughter Stella Gregg born in December 2001.

Brother Clark Gregg
Clark Gregg has a beautiful daughter, Stella Gregg. (Source: Instagram)

Clark Gregg was married to an actress Jennifer Gray On July 21, 2001, the couple starred in the movie Road To Christmas.

Their relationship lasted about 19 years; On July 3, 2020, Gray and Gregg announced their separation via the media handles and finalized their divorce on February 16, 2021.

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