A Colorado woman is facing backlash after a racist poolside rant went viral

Colorado woman Blair Featherman has become the subject of widespread criticism after a TikTok video surfaced showing her in a heated argument during a pool party at her apartment complex. Featherman, now nicknamed “Poolside Karen”, was caught on camera berating a Hispanic family, leading to accusations of racism.

The video shared by Jade Serie is only 45 seconds long, but it shows Featherman expressing displeasure at a “Mexican pool party” and derogatorily calling the group “trash.” He also confronts Serie, trying to stop her from recording and take her phone.

“You don’t even know what Hermes is!”* Featherman is heard saying in the video, which has since gone viral and sparked her public reaction.

Featherman’s personal struggles have come to light since the incident, with details of her 2019 bankruptcy filing showing debts to several credit card companies. A mother of two, Featherman’s financial situation has come under scrutiny since the video went viral.

Despite the uproar on social media and being labeled a “Karen” – a term used to describe women who display justified or racist behavior – it remains unclear whether this has affected Featherman’s work as a feng shui consultant. There was no confirmation on whether she faced any consequences at work for the incident.

Featherman, 49, is now facing the consequences of his actions and vehemently denies any racist intent. She claims the video doesn’t tell the whole story, including the family’s alleged attack on her, in which they put fake nails in her hair and took her phone. It suggests that she was forced to make these remarks for the sake of popularity on social media.

*”I tried to keep quiet and avoid commenting on this, but there are aspects that are not captured in the video. I’m not a racist. The footage was deceptively edited to create a false narrative,”* Featherman said, rejecting the allegations and denying that she sought fame through the incident.

The full ramifications of Featherman’s actions, both in her personal and professional life, are yet to unfold. The incident remains a controversial topic on social media, with many awaiting further updates on her employment status and any further fallout from the viral video.

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