Ron Barassi’s Cause of Death and Obituary: Illness and Health Issue

Ron Barassi’s cause of death was complications from a fall at the age of 87. Learn more in this article.

Ron Barassi was a legend of Australian football, born in 1936 and died in 2023.

He played 253 senior VFL games, primarily for Melbourne and Carlton.

Barassi won six championships as a player and captained Melbourne for two. He moved into coaching, leading Carlton to two more premierships and leading North Melbourne to two wins.

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Obituary: Ron Barasi’s cause of death

Ron Barasi’s death on September 16, 2023 has been attributed complications resulting from a fall.

At the age of 87, after a lifetime dedicated to Australian rules football and countless contributions to the sport, this unfortunate accident marked the end of a remarkable journey.

Barassi’s fall served as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life, even for someone as resilient and strong as he was throughout his storied career.

Ron Barassi, 87, died of complications from a fall. (Image source: 3AW)

After his death, the football world united in mourning, reflecting on the extraordinary life of a man who left an indelible mark on the sport.

Barassi’s indomitable spirit extended beyond the boundary lines. His coaching career was characterized by pioneering methods and remarkable success, rejuvenating teams such as Carlton and North Melbourne.

Under his shrewd leadership, those teams won league titles, underscoring his status as a coaching genius.

Moreover, Barassi launched the “Irish Experiment”, importing Gaelic footballers into the Australian Rules arena, revitalizing the Melbourne and Sydney Swans as powerful contenders in the league.

His impact on the sport was monumental and his advocacy of national competition at club level reflected his unwavering passion.

Barassi was honored as a Member of the Order of Australia and found his place in the AFL’s Team of the Century as a ruck-rover.

Outside the football arena, he showed bravery by coming to the aid of a woman in distress, which earned him an Australian Bravery Award.

Barassi’s journey was one of resilience, inspiration and unwavering commitment to the game he loved.

Ron Barassi’s illness and health problem

Ron Barassi, the iconic figure of Australian rules football, faced a series of health problems in the later stages of his lifeshowing remarkable resilience throughout.

In his final years, Barassi’s health became a matter of concern for his many fans and the wider sports community.

Despite his legendary status in the game, Barassi, like many others, was not immune to the trials of aging and the toll it takes on the human body.

His health problems became more apparent as he entered his later years, and he faced several medical problems that required his unwavering determination to overcome.

Ron Barasi's cause of death
Barassi’s health, in his later years, caused concern within the community. (Image source: The Weekly Times)

While the details of his health struggles were largely secret, it was clear that Barassi was dealing with a variety of age-related health issues.

Yet even in the face of adversity, he maintained his characteristic resilience and determination.

His passion for the game of Australian rules football never waned and he remains an inspirational figure for many aspiring players and coaches.

His presence at matches and events continued to attract attention and inspire new generations of football enthusiasts.

Ron Barasi’s legacy extends far beyond the confines of the football field. His impact on the sport, both as a player and as a coach, remains unparalleled.

He was not only a legend, but also a symbol of dedication, perseverance and the indomitable spirit of Australian football.

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