Selina Robinson’s political journey from Montreal to BC lawyer

The field of politics is often intertwined with personal adversities and triumphs, and such is the story of Selina Mae Robinson. A figurehead in British Columbia’s political landscape, Robinson’s journey from councilor to member of the Legislative Assembly for Coquitlam-Maillardville with the BC NDP is a testament to her unwavering commitment to public service.

Robinson’s career as a politician is a story of commitment, marked by her efforts to advocate for the welfare of children and families. Her advocacy has led to tangible changes, such as a ban on cosmetic pesticides in her community, reflecting her deep-rooted commitment to public health.

An important element of Robinson’s life is her partnership with her husband Dan. Their relationship goes beyond the personal sphere, with both actively participating in social endeavors, such as the annual Ride to Victory over Cancer. This event is a pillar of their shared commitment to cancer research, a cause close to their hearts, as evidenced by the impressive sum of over £500,000 raised by their team, “Way Hey! Hey!”, for more than eight years. This collaborative spirit underscores their unique stance against cancer, a disease that Robinson herself battled and overcame.

Robinson’s origin story begins in Montreal, where she was born Selina Dardick. In 1978, her family’s move to Richmond, British Columbia marked a pivotal moment in her life, influencing her future path. Her academic achievements include a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Simon Fraser University, which laid the foundation for her career in community service and her significant role at the Jewish Family Service Agency, rising to the position of associate executive director.

Despite her Montreal roots, Robinson’s identity is firmly anchored in British Columbia, evident in her deep involvement in provincial governance. Her move to Richmond as a teenager was a defining moment, shaping her future contributions in capacities ranging from family therapy to politics.

Now, at the age of 60, Robinson brings a wealth of experience and insight to his political endeavors. Her life’s journey, from her early days in Montreal to her influential role in British Columbia, speaks to her ability to navigate the intricate dynamics of political office. Her age not only reflects her seasoned expertise, but also signifies the breadth of her life experience, culminating in her role as a respected politician and community advocate.

Robinson’s story is not just one of political achievement; it is also a narrative of personal resilience. It is a chronicle that resonates with many, summing up the essence of public service and personal commitment to social betterment.

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