Conscious Chemist is leading the ecological skin care revolution

With a fresh look at the intersection of science and sustainability, Conscious Chemist has emerged as a beacon for eco-conscious skincare enthusiasts. The brand, founded by Robin Gupta and Prakher Mathur, redefines beauty standards by creating products that are both environmentally friendly and effective for a variety of skin concerns, including keratosis pilaris, acne, eczema and hyperpigmentation. Their commitment to pure chemistry is a testament to their commitment to the well-being of the planet and their customers.

The Conscious Chemist Founder’s Backstory

From the bustling streets of Delhi, where Gupta lives, to his roots in Alwar, Rajasthan, his journey began with a solid educational foundation at Alwar Public School. His academic pursuits led him to a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, fueling his innate curiosity and desire to explore the world of business. After graduating, Gupta embarked on a professional expedition that began with an enlightening internship at the Steel Authority of India in Jaipur. His role there provided a deep dive into the nuances of marketing and sales.

Gupta’s career path then took him to Yumchek in Gurgaon, Haryana, where he honed his skills as a business development manager. It was during this time that he, along with Mathura, ventured into the realm of chemical compositions, challenging the pervasive narrative that chemicals are inherently harmful. This contemplation led to the launch of Conscious Chemist, a brand that embraces the thoughtful use of chemicals in skin care.

Philosophy of the conscious chemist and market presence

The brand has quickly become a staple for those looking for transparency and innovation in their skin care products. Conscious Chemist’s offerings reflect a harmonious blend of nature’s bounty and scientific ingenuity, a duality that underpins the brand’s ethos. It was this unique approach that captured the attention of the cosmetics community and established the label as the vanguard of biocompatible skin care.

Their public venture was further boosted when Gupta and Mathur presented their vision for the third season of the Shark Tank reality show. They were looking for investment to grow their business and strengthen their presence in the market. Despite not signing a contract, their appearance on the show generated interest and highlighted their ambition to be at the forefront of the clean beauty movement.

Revenue growth and online expansion

At the end of the previous fiscal year, Conscious Chemist boasted a net income of Rs 4.5 crore, with an aspiration to double that figure by the end of the year. Their engaging approach to education, evident in their interaction with Sharks on Shark Tank, demonstrated their depth of knowledge and passion for their craft.

The brand’s digital footprint, especially on Instagram under the name @consciouschemistindia, continues to grow, connecting with more than three lakh Indian consumers. Their commitment to expanding their online presence and establishing a dominant position in the market remains unwavering.

Conscious Chemist is a testament to the potential of combining ethical practices with scientific research to create products that not only meet the diverse needs of consumers, but also align with the growing demand for environmentally friendly options. As they navigate the evolving landscape of the beauty industry, Gupta and Mathur’s Conscious Chemist are poised to make a lasting impact, driving the clean beauty conversation into the future. Stay up to date with the latest updates with Pkbnews for further developments in this growing field.

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