Hyderabad is rallying around Kumari Aunty food stall amid threat of closure

The story of Aunty Kumari’s food stall in Hyderabad has caught the public’s attention, sparking discussions and searches online for more information about the local entrepreneur and her food venture. Following police action over traffic congestion concerns, her situation has sparked debate on social media and among local authorities.

Kumari Aunty Food Kiosk, located at the busy ITC Kohenur intersection in Madhapur, has become a culinary hotspot, attracting a significant number of visitors. Her range of delectable non-vegetarian dishes, including a variety of rice dishes with chicken and mutton curry, earned her fame and a devoted customer base. Dasari Sai Kumari, better known as Aunty Kumari, has become a respected figure in the community, although much of her personal life, including her family background, has remained out of the public eye.

Aunty Kumari’s food business journey started almost two months ago and since then her reputation has grown, especially among food lovers in Telangana. Her success has even resonated with Tollywood celebrities, some of whom have expressed their support. Among them is actor Sundeep Kishen, who expressed his astonishment at the recent development but promised help, praising Kumari Aunty as an exemplary businesswoman.

The traffic authorities of Hyderabad recently intervened due to increased congestion caused by the popularity of the Kumari Aunty stall. They ordered her to either move or stop working. This move by the police drew a reaction from political figures, including Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy. He called on the DGP and the Ministry of Urban Development to review the decision, noting the impact it had on the local entrepreneur.

Kumari aunty’s limelight stepped up after a viral troll video caught the attention of the media, leading to increased surveillance and, ultimately, police instructions to dismantle her food stall. An AVAD reporter shed light on the circumstances, highlighting the role the viral video and subsequent media frenzy played in worsening the situation for Kumari Aunty. As a result, she faced the risk of losing her business of more than 13 years.

Reacting to the situation, Kumari Aunty shared her dismay, especially as her husband was not in favor of the media attention that seemed to have contributed to the threat of imprisonment. Despite the challenges, her spirit and the support of the community and public figures suggest a resilient response to the obstacles facing her culinary venture. This ongoing story continues to resonate with many who see Kumari Aunty not only as a food vendor, but also as a symbol of entrepreneurial determination in Hyderabad.

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