Martin Amis illness and health: died of esophageal cancer

This article will discuss the illness and health problems of Martin Amis before his death. Martin Amis died at the age of 73.

Amis was a famous British writer known for his contributions to contemporary literature.

Amis was known for his distinctive writing style, dark humor, and exploration of a variety of topics, including politics, society, and the human condition.

In addition to novels, Amis is also the author of nonfiction works, such as “Experience” (2000), a memoir that delves into his personal life and family history.

Amis has received several prestigious awards throughout his career, including the James Tait Black Memorial Award and shortlist nominations for the Booker Prize.

Martin Amis was known for his sharp intellect and witty prose, which made him a prominent figure in contemporary literature.

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Martin Amis disease and health problem

Amis, the famous British novelist, fought with esophageal cancer before passing in 73.

He died of an illness he contracted after being diagnosed with cancer. Esophageal cancer is a serious condition that affects the esophagus, the tube that connects the throat to the stomach.

This shows that the novelist was not in good health before his death.

Amis’s struggle with the disease takes a tragic toll on his circle, as his close friend, journalist Christopher Hitchens, also succumbed to esophageal cancer.

The famous British writer Martin Amis died at the age of 73. (Image source: NPR)

During his prolific writing career, Amis published 15 novels and profiled himself as a prominent literary figure.

His works, including “Money: A Suicide Note” and “London Fields,” demonstrated his talent for exploring complex subjects with wit and precision.

Vintage Books, Amis’s publisher, expressed deep sadness at his death, noting his multifaceted skills as a novelist, essayist, memoirist, critic and stylist.

The loss of Martin Amis leaves a void in the literary world, but readers and scholars will continue to appreciate his contribution and legacy.

British writer Martin Amis died of esophageal cancer

Martin Amis, the highly acclaimed British novelist, has died at the age of 73. His death was attributed to esophageal cancer, which his wife Isabel Fonseca confirmed.

Amis has published 15 novels, including the acclaimed memoir “Experience” in 2000.

He also ventured into non-fiction, writing pieces on subjects as diverse as Stalin’s crimes, the war on terror, and the lasting impact of the Holocaust.

Amis dealt with these themes in his later works, exploring their historical and social significance.

Martin Amis’s latest novel, Inside Story, published in 2020, took the form of a “novelized autobiography” and explored his friendship with Christopher Hitchens and his relationship with his father.

Martin Amis, Isabel Fonseca and Salman Rushdie at the literary awards ceremony.
Martin Amis, Isabel Fonseca and Salman Rushdie at the literary awards ceremony. (Image source: Daily mail)

After news of Amis’ death, tributes poured in online. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed his shock and sadness, praising Amis as the greatest, darkest and funniest satirist since Evelyn Waugh.

Johnson recommended re-watching the tennis match in Amis’s novel “Money” to lift your spirits, concluding with “RIP”.

Richard Coles divided expresses his condolences, noting that he considers “Money” to be the best novel of the 1980s and expresses his admiration for Amis’s essays.

In 1973, Amis wrote his first novel, “The Rachel Papers,” working on it through nights and weekends. He reflected that he might have considered a career in academia if the novel hadn’t worked out.

In 1984, Amis married Antonia Phillips, a philosophy professor from Boston who was previously a widow. The couple had two sons named Louis and Jacob.

After divorcing Phillips, Amis married Isabel Fonseca, a Uruguayan-American writer, in 1998.

After spending two and a half years in Uruguay with his second wife and their two young daughters, Amis returned to Britain in September 2006.

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