Apprentice winner Carina Lepore keeps her family life a secret

The enigma surrounding the personal life of Carina Lepora, the winning contestant from the 15th series of The Apprentice, is still present, especially regarding her husband and the paternity of her son. The British businesswoman, who won the title in 2019, has been extremely reticent about her private affairs, even after becoming famous after winning the popular television show.

Following her triumph on The Apprentice, Lepore entered into a business partnership with Lord Sugar, resulting in a £250,000 investment to boost her baking business, Dough Artisan Bakehouse. This joint venture, managed on a 50:50 basis, was concluded amicably in 2023.

Despite the public success, Carina Lepore decided to keep the identity of her husband, but also the father of her son Lucas, out of the spotlight. Her decision to remain private only increased the curiosity of her fans and the media. Lucas, born in 2010, has rarely appeared on his social media platforms, as Lepore prefers to keep his family life out of the public eye.

Carina, however, spoke candidly about her experiences as a single mother, particularly during an interview with The Times in 2020. She cited her son as a primary source of motivation and inspiration, driving her forward in her business ventures. Lepore revealed that Lucas’ premature birth at 28 weeks was fraught with challenges, as he weighed just over two kilograms and spent three months in intensive care.

Despite these early difficulties, Lucas flourished and is very proud of his mother’s achievements. Carina remembered Lucas bragging about her success in The Apprentice and how she loved the family bakery.

Carina Lepora’s roots can be traced back to an Italian family, with her parents, Carlos and Maria, who emigrated from Naples and Sicily in the 1970s. The family originally opened a bakery in Croydon, London, which laid the foundation for Carina’s future endeavours. Growing up in Croydon and being educated at Crystal Palace’s Harris City Academy were the foundations of her career, which included working at Marks & Spencer and breaking into the fashion industry.

Her Italian heritage is a source of pride for Lepore and is deeply rooted in the essence of her bakery. In 2015, the Herne Hill family bakery was destroyed by fire, but Carina and her father showed an unwavering determination to rebuild their business. Now, with the help of her sister Rochelle, Carina has successfully expanded Dough Artisan Bakehouse with branches in Herne Hill, Beckenham and Bromley.

Their bakeries are a celebration of Italian culture, offering a wide array of traditional breads such as ciabatta and focaccia, alongside a selection of cakes, pastries, sandwiches and inclusive options for vegans and gluten-free customers. Carina’s story is emblematic of the rich tapestry of London’s diverse culinary landscape, embodying a fusion of cultural heritage and entrepreneurial spirit.

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