Glyn Razzell Children with wife Linda: Meet his 4 children

People are curious to know more about Glyn Razzell’s children. The hearing of the third Razzell has been granted and is being held at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, and is open to the public.

She dropped off Mr Worrall, from Highworth, and his children at school before she was seen heading to work in Alvescot Road as usual.

She was supposed to have followed her usual path in the alley towards the university and her phone was found on the corner of the alley the next day during a police search.

Her boyfriend contacted the police the night she disappeared after she failed to pick up her children from their daycare. Razzell was convicted of murder and disappeared in 2005.

At the parole board hearing, it was announced that a decision on whether he will be released will be made in two weeks.

In 2003, Glyn Razzell was found guilty of murdering his estranged wife Linda Razzell and sentenced to life in prison despite evidence that Linda was not killed at all.

However, the difference between Fraser and Razzell is that Glyn Razzell continues to protest his innocence despite being convicted of murder.

After all these years of this incident, people are curious to know more about Glyn Razzell’s children with his wife Linda.

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Glyn Razzell Children with wife Linda: Meet his 4 children

The Glyn Razzell case is probably the only one in British criminal history where the woman Razzell was convicted of murdering is most likely still alive today.

Glyn Razzell met Linda Davies in 1979. The couple married five years later, but the marriage was unhappy due to Linda’s mental problems, which had plagued her since the late 1970s.

Speaking of Glyn Razzell Children, he has four children with his wife Linda. The jury was not told that Linda’s problems were recurring, as her children recounted how their mother became increasingly irritable and spent time alone.

Talking about Linda and Glyn Razzell Children, they have four children. (Source: Daily mail)

She was depressed, but she was not taking the prescribed antidepressant. At the time of Linda’s disappearance, she and Razzell had four children, ages seven, eleven, thirteen, and sixteen.

All children live with their mother and rarely see their father. The couple has separated and is in the process of divorcing.

Linda Razzell made many accusations against her husband, which led to charges against him, but there is no evidence to prove Razzell’s guilt in every case.

It is believed that Linda slandered her husband to punish her. All of the charges appear to coincide with key dates in the divorce proceedings, suggesting that the charges were brought so that Linda could benefit more from the case.

Glyn Razzell still refuses to reveal Linda’s body parts

The man who killed his wife refuses to reveal where her remains are.

Glyn Razzell, 64, from Somerset, is serving a life sentence for murdering his wife Linda, who disappeared on her way to work in Swindon in 2002.

He was denied release at a 2022 parole hearing under Helena’s Law, which made it harder for killers to get a pardon if they don’t reveal the whereabouts of their victims.

Glyn Razzell Children
The 44-year-old husband Glynn was found guilty of murder, but still maintains his innocence. (Source: Mirror)

Razzell said during the hearing that he could not reveal his wife’s whereabouts because he “didn’t know” she was dead.

Razzell did not appear in person at the public hearing but was connected via remote connection. Mother-of-four Mrs Razzell, 41, was living in Highworth, Wiltshire, at the time of her disappearance.

More than 20 years later, no one has seen her again, and her body has never been found.

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