Who Is Guy Marchand’s Epouse Adelina Marchand? infants

Guy Marchand’s wife, Adelina Marchand (née Khamaganova), is a former professional model of Russian descent.

The famous French actor and musician Guy Marchand passed away peacefully on December 15, 2023 at the Cavaillon Hospital.

The skilled actor was widely known for his role as fictional private detective Nestor Burma. However, his legacy goes far beyond that.

With his career stretching back to the 1960s, it was nothing short of illustrious. Unfortunately, the artistic veteran is no longer with us.

Guy Marchand’s personal life was just as intriguing as his professional life. In today’s article, let’s find out more about Marchand’s married life and children.

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Meet Guy Marchand and Adelina Marchand

Guy Marchand’s wife, Adelina Marchand (née Khamaganova), is a former professional model of Russian descent.

It should be noted that the couple was not together at the time of the actor’s death. They lived apart for more than a decade.

Guy Marchand Epouse
Guy Marchand’s wife, Adelina Marchand, is of Russian origin. (Image source: Amomam)

In 2000, fate led Guy Marchand to meet Adelina Khamaganova, a professional model of Russian origin, at Roissy airport where she worked in security.

Born in 1977 in Siberia, Guy Marchand’s wife, Adelina, is a beautiful brunette who began her professional life as a model in Russia.

Her adventurous spirit led her to change jobs and countries, eventually leading her to France and Guy Marchand.

Despite the 40-year age difference, the spark between them was undeniable. Guy Marchand, enchanted by the Siberian beauty, married Adelina in 2006.

Guy Marchand and Adelina lived separately

The public and the media believed that the couple lived happily together.

However, in his autobiographical story “Le guignol des Buttes-Chaumont”, published in 2020. the actor revealed that he has been living separately from his wife for several years.

He explained their unique relationship in an interview with Gala: “She lives between Berlin, Moscow and Irkutsk.”

The late actor added that they see each other as often as possible, almost every eight days. “Either Adelina comes, or I leave,” added the musician.

Moreover, the French artist revealed that he and Adelina are an atypical couple.

“However, with a difference of 40 years, how do you want to organize yourself? She won’t live with an old man every day! And I live like a bachelor in love: I find a woman and I woo her again and again every time!” – said the musician.

Guy Marchand and Adelina Khamagan’s Infants

The former model and actor did not welcome a child together. However, Adelina had a daughter from her first relationship, Anastasiawho is currently studying in Berlin.

Guy Marchand Epouse
Guy Marchand was the proud father of two children, whom he shared with his first wife (Image Source: Cosmopolitan.fr)

Guy Marchand once revealed that he and Adelina dreamed that Anastasia spoke Russian, English, German and French. In order to fulfill her dream, Anastasia was sent to study in Berlin, the largest trilingual college.

Moreover, Guy Marchand also had two children, Jules and Ludivine, from his first marriage to the actress Béatrice Chatelier.

The former lovebirds met on the set of the film “Les Sous-doués en vacances”. However, their romance was short-lived.

As Guy Marchand admitted to Gali in November 2020, their relationship was complex. According to the actor, his first wife said, “I never really liked him, but I liked your voice.”

“She was tough, but she gave me beautiful children,” added the musician.

Despite this, the celebrated French actor and musician Guy Marchand led a life as colorful and varied as his career. His personal life was marked by two significant relationships.

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