Amazon High School Actor Dom Bergeron’s Girlfriend: Who Is She Dating?

Dom Bergeron is a rising young Canadian actor who stars in the Amazon Freevee TV series “High School” alongside TikTok creators Railey and Seazynn Gilliland.

Who is Dom Bergeron’s girlfriend? Kellyane Lavoie is not the girlfriend of high school actor Dom Bergeron.

The confusion most likely occurred because the young actor has the same first and last name as Canadian boxer Dom Bergeron, who is Kellyanne Lavoie’s boyfriend.

“High School” is a coming-of-age comedy series based on the autobiographical book of the same name by twin sisters Sara and Quinn. The sisters are a famous Canadian indie pop duo and are icons of the LGBTQ community.

The young actor portrays the role of Will in the Amazon Freevee series and will appear in three episodes of the series.

High School TV Actor Dom Bergeron’s Girlfriend: The Actor Is Not Dating Kellyanne Lavoie

Canadian actor Dom Bergeron is not dating Kellyanne Lavoie. Viewers must have got it wrong because the actor has the same name as Kellyanne’s boxer boyfriend.

So who is the Amazon Freevee actor dating? Dom Bergeron is in a long-term and happy relationship with a sweet girl named Larissa Schemmann.

Dom Bergeron's girlfriend
Dom Bergeron with his longtime girlfriend Larissa Schemmann. Source: Instagram

The couple has been together for five years, and they celebrate their anniversary on January 14. It seems that Dom and Larissa are happy with their relationship.

The actor is barely present on social networks and has a private Instagram account. However, he doesn’t shy away from calling Larissa his “other half” in his Instagram bio.

On the other hand, the Canadian’s girlfriend Larissa has a pretty public Instagram profile; therefore, viewers can get a glimpse of their love life and chemistry through her profile.

Kellyanne is a German-Canadian from Vancouver, British Columbia, and is currently a student of Educational Psychology at Simon Fraser University.

The couple went to their high school graduation party together and for Halloween dressed as the iconic Pulp Fiction duo Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega.

Canadian TV actor Dom Bergeron is somewhere between eighteen and twenty-two years old

Dom Bergeron is a Canadian actor from Vancouver, British Columbia. Bergeron is relatively new to the industry and therefore does not yet have a Wikipedia page.

Dom Bergeron's girlfriend
High school actor Dom Bergeron starred in an episode of the Netflix series “The Midnight Club.” Source: Instagram

The young actor starred in one episode of the Netflix horror-thriller series “Midnight Club”. According to IMDbhe was seen in Episode 2: Two Danas as a “hot musician”.

Bergeron has a very limited social media presence. Therefore, we do not know his exact age. However, we can estimate that the actor is between 18-22.

The Canadian stars in the coming-of-age TV show, “High School”. So he must be young. Moreover, it seems that the actor and his girlfriend are students.

Dom went to Argyle Secondary School, an arts-focused school in North Vancouver.

Dom Bergeron Family: Learn more about the actor’s family

Dom Bergeron was born to Canadians Alain Bergeron and Val Ross Bergeron.

Alain graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in Biology. He is currently self-employed at Group Benefits Advisor.

Most notably, the actor’s father was Regional Vice President (Sales) at Standard Life and President at ICBA Benefit Services. He was also the Chief Operating Officer at the Dehoney Financial Group until July 2022.

Dom Bergeron's girlfriend
Dom Bergeron (left) with his mother and sister. Source: Facebook

We don’t have much information about Dom’s mother, Val Ross Bergeron. However, Val occasionally posts pictures of his children on Facebook.

The high school actor has a sister named Valsy Bergeron.

The first four episodes of the TV series “High School” were released on Friday, October 14th on Amazon Freevee. The remaining four episodes will be broadcast every week on the streaming platform.

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