CTV News Jessica Robb Emergency Medical Services: Health Updates

Jessica Robb Medical emergency: CTV News reporter nearly collapses while covering news Jan 8, 2023 Is she still in the hospital? Health updates.

Jessica Robb is a young reporter for the Canadian television channel CTV News.

While reporting on the news, People noticed that Jessica was experiencing a medical emergency. But the camera cut to the presenter before people saw what really happened to the Journalist.

The video also attracted a lot of public attention, and people are worried about the health of the young journalist. So what happened to the CTV reporter and where is she now?

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CTV News Jessica Robb EMS: What happened to her?

CTV News reporter Jessica Robb experienced medical emergency on January 8, 2023. She reported the news during a live broadcast on the channel.

So many spectators witnessed the incident. She was observed to have difficulty speaking, became speechless, lost her balance and almost collapsed.

The camera pans to the news anchor in the studio, leaving people wondering what happened to Jessica.

CTV News later took to Twitter to say their reporter was doing better.

Jessica Robb Emergency Medical Services
Jessica Robb is feeling better and is currently resting. (Image source: Twitter)

“Thank you to everyone who inquired about our journalist who fell ill in Vijesti at 6 p.m. CTV News writes on its Twitter. “Jessica Robb is feeling better and is now resting,” they added.

Fortunately, the beautiful journalist is recovering and feeling better.

Furthermore, no further details have been revealed. Many people ask if the CTV News reporter has health problems. As there was no official report of this, we assume that the medical emergency she experienced was not too serious.

Netizens suspect that Jessica Robb’s condition is a side effect of the Covid-19 vaccine

Despite the official update on Jessica Robb’s health, social media users suspected that the coronavirus vaccine may have contributed to her unexpected health crisis.

Several online users now think the on-air event was a side effect of three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Robb mentioned earlier that she received three doses of the vaccine.

Any other circumstances could have caused the incident. It is also important to remember that side effects after vaccination are extremely rare, but it is equally important to seek medical attention if any alarming symptoms appear.

On the other hand, Jessica Robb’s official Twitter account became private, which raised suspicions among other journalists and netizens. Those who were able to access her tweets reported that a CTV News reporter wrote that she was fine.

Who is Jessica Robb?

Jessica Robb is a multimedia journalist at CTV Edmonton (Greater Edmonton metropolitan area).

Jessica Robb Emergency Medical Services
Jessica Robb attended MacEwan University from 2015 to 2019 (Image source: LinkedIn)

She has been working in her current position since December 2021. The Journalist previously worked for more than two years at Global News as a video journalist and editorial assistant.

Jessica Robb graduated from MacEwan University in 2019 with a BA in Communication and Journalism.

Ever since his college days, Robb has volunteered at his college’s arts and culture club as a moderator.

She worked with Buzzfeed writer Scaachi Koula at the Betty Andrews Recital Hall during MacEwan’s LitFest. The main topic of conversation was Kohl’s book “One day we will all be dead, and none of this will matter”.

Similarly, she volunteered as a freelance writer at Beatroute Music Ltd from February 2016 to January 2019.

Jessica interned at Moder Muse Media and the Winspear Center and worked as a server at Browns Socialhouse – Premier Restaurant group for almost three years.

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