Former Chennai mayor’s son missing after car crash in Himachal

The tragedy took place in the picturesque regions of Himachal Pradesh, where the unfortunate incident deeply disturbed the community and the family of Vetri Duraisamy. Vetri, son of respected Saithai Duraisamy – former mayor of Chennai Corporation and founder of Humanity Foundation – became the subject of a harrowing search operation after a road accident that took a horrific turn.

The incident unfolded while Vetri, accompanied by his friend Gopi Nath from Tirupur, was on a journey through the hilly state. The vehicle, an Innova with registration number HP01AA-1111, met a disastrous fate when it veered off course and fell into the swollen Sutlej River. The impact proved fatal for the driver, identified as Tanjin, who succumbed to his injuries. Meanwhile, Gopi Nath sustained injuries in the accident and is currently undergoing medical treatment.

As news of the crash emerged, efforts to locate Vetri intensified. Local police and emergency services are searching the area, braving the challenging terrain and weather in hopes of finding Vetri. The search operation, involving both local authorities and volunteers, is a testament to the collective spirit of a community that comes together in difficult times.

The dynamics of the accident, including how the vehicle lost control, are being investigated. The region’s rugged landscape and the unpredictable nature of its rivers are known to add layers of complexity to such unfortunate events. As the search continues, authorities are piecing together the events leading up to the crash, with a primary focus on the safe return of Vetri.

The incident not only galvanized the local community but also attracted attention from afar, with many expressing solidarity with the Duraisamy family. The family’s significant contribution to society through their charity work made this search operation all the more poignant for those involved.

Friends, family and well-wishers of Vetri are holding out hope as the search operation progresses. The uncertainty of the situation weighs heavily on the hearts of many, and the desire for a positive solution grows every hour.

As details continue to emerge, the wider community remains on alert, awaiting updates on ongoing efforts to locate Vetri. The accident serves as a sad reminder of the unpredictability of life and the importance of community support in times of crisis. All eyes are on Himachal Pradesh and the collective hope for a safe return of Vetri Duraisamy persists amid uncertainty.

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