Missing body found in park

What was the reason for the death of Justin Males? Police found his missing body in Melbourne’s Melton Park. His family posted his obituary below.

The tragic disappearance of Justin Males, a 34-year-old from Melton, Melbourne, has shocked the community.

Justin’s family and friends were devastated when he disappeared near a local creek on July 18, 2023, after he was last seen on CCTV walking towards Toolern Creek.

A heartbreaking search for Justin ended when his body was discovered in a park near Ferris Rd after two weeks of uncertainty.

The aim of this article is to investigate the details of the disappearance of Justin Males and the subsequent discovery of his lifeless body.

Justin Males Death and obituary

The untimely death of Justin Males has left an irreplaceable void in the hearts of those who loved him.

Despite efforts to find him, the grim reality of his disappearance ended with the discovery of his lifeless body.

Death of Justin Males
The dead body of Justin Males was found in Milton Park. (Source: 9 News)

Justin’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of raising awareness of mental health issues and seeking help during difficult times.

As the community mourns the loss of this young man, they are united in offering support and condolences to the bereaved family.

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Justin Males’ Addiction Recovery: Life Turned Around

Before he went missing, Justin faced challenges with substance abuse, but his parents confirmed that he has recently turned his life around and has a lot to look forward to.

Recovering from a stroke that paralyzed his right arm and left him unsteady on his feet, Justin was determined to move forward and make the most of life.

Police search after the disappearance of Justin Males

Victoria Police Detective Sergeant Robert Henley said it was completely unusual for Justin to disappear without a trace.

This has fueled concerns that he may have encountered foul play or that he may have been dealing with psychological issues at the time.

Police conducted extensive searches along the creek but were unable to locate Justin, who had left his family and friends desperate for answers.

Death of Justin Males
Justin Males’ parents, Lisa and Kym Males, mourn his untimely death. (Source: 9 News)

Justin Males’ parents, Lisa and Kym, were thrown into trouble when their beloved son disappeared without a trace.

His best friend Amber Lindsay revealed that Justin had been on a date with a man in Gisborne.

He is believed to have been walking towards the creek after Amber dropped him off at his home in Melton on Barries Rd.

Death of Justin Males
Justin Males’ death has left his mother heartbroken after his missing body was found in Milton Park. (Source: 9 News)

The fact that he paused to pull his pants over his shorts before continuing toward the bike path just disappeared.

It added to the mysterious circumstances of his disappearance.

Justin’s male parents are begging for help

Lisa and Kym Males made heartfelt pleas for the safe return of their missing son, expressing their deep love and concern for him.

Lisa, Justin’s heartbroken mother, believed someone knew something and pleaded with the public to come forward with any information that could lead to his finding.

Death of Justin Males
Justin Male’s 34-year-old mother loved him unconditionally. (Source: 9 News)

As the days turned into weeks, the anxiety of not knowing where Justin was weighed heavily on his parents.

Missing body of Justin Males found in Melton Park

Unfortunately, the search for Justin Males ended tragically when his lifeless body was discovered at the park near Ferris Rd, Melton.

Death of Justin Males
The police found the dead body of Justin Males and sent it to the forensics team for testing. (Source: 9 News)

Victoria Police confirmed the identity of the deceased as Justin and said his death was not being treated as suspicious.

While police expressed their gratitude to the public for their help during the search, Justin’s loss has left his family, friends and community in mourning.

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