Kelly Rizzo confirms romance with Breckin Meyer after Saget’s estate

Kelly Rizzo, respected food and travel blogger and widow of beloved entertainer Bob Saget, recently took a step forward in her personal life by confirming her relationship with actor Breckin Meyer. The news comes two years after Saget’s untimely death, a period during which Rizzo navigated a complex path of grief with grace and resilience.

During an intimate conversation with E! News, Rizzo shared insights into her emotional journey and decision to bring romance back into her life. She spoke of the time it takes to reach a place of readiness for a new beginning, keeping in mind the memory of her late husband. “It took me a while to get to the point where I thought, ‘OK, I think he’d be happy with that,'” Rizzo said, giving voice to the inner thinking she experienced before opening the new partnership.

Rizzo and Meyer, whose acting credits include the 1990s cult film “Clueless,” went public with their relationship when they attended a high-profile Grammy Awards viewing party on Feb. 4, 2024. The confirmation of their relationship signals an encouraging move by Rizzo to embrace the possibilities of love once again .

Reflecting on Saget’s life and the indelible mark he left on those he touched, Rizzo expressed a deep sense of gratitude for the time they spent together. She spoke about Saget’s lasting impact and the impressive legacy he has created throughout his career and personal life. “When he left a mark on this world like he did and left an incredible legacy, that’s everything you could hope for in life, and he accomplished that, and he did,” Rizzo noted, paying tribute to her late wife while acknowledging her own journey before her.

Rizzo’s approach to rediscovering love is characterized by serious thought, measured pacing and a deep respect for Saget’s enduring legacy. As she begins this new chapter with Meyer, she takes with her the love and support of Saget’s children, showing a blend of courage and the ability to find happiness amid the intricacies of grief.

In his dialogue with E! News, Rizzo emphasized the profound significance of receiving love back into her life after suffering such a significant loss. Her openness in sharing her willingness to move forward while ensuring that Saget’s memory is honored speaks to her strength and the enduring nature of her love.

As Rizzo and Meyer go public together, their relationship is a testament to the possibility of new beginnings and the enduring human capacity for love, even after the deepest losses.

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