What does he look like? Real name

The long-awaited reveal of the face of Valorant’s character, Omen, sent Reddit into a frenzy after a stunning cinematic presentation of Episode 8 in the game.

Valorant, the widely acclaimed first-person shooter, boasts a roster of agents with varying abilities and experience, and among them Omen stands as one of the most enigmatic.

As a shadow-manipulating controller capable of teleportation, Omen has intrigued players since the game launched in 2020, his face and identity shrouded in mystery.

In the recent cinematic trailer revealing Valorant’s Episode 8, a look at Omen’s past and appearance emerged, offering fans long-awaited clues.

The discovery marks a significant development for enthusiasts who have been eagerly speculating about the agent’s background and physical characteristics.

As Valorant continues to captivate players with its ever-expanding narrative and character complexity, newly revealed insights into Omen’s enigma add an exciting layer to the unfolding story.

It fueled anticipation and intrigue within the gaming community, leading to heated debates on media channels like Reddit.

Valorant Omen face reveal: what does he look like?

In the latest cinematic trailer, “Reckoning,” Omen faces Viper, a fellow agent with a shared past.

The the recording reveals their connection, revealing that they were once comrades in the same organization. Shockingly, Omen’s mission to eliminate Viper failed, resulting in his death.

During an intense encounter, Viper uses her acidic abilities to melt Omen’s mask, exposing his right eye for the first time.

Valorant Omen Face Reveal
Omen’s inscrutable appearance appeared partially, sparking intrigue among players and fans alike in the latest Valorant cinematic, Episode 8: Reckoning. (Image source: YouTube)

Omen’s eye, which emits a blue, glowing light, reflects the three distinctive slits on his hood. Namely, the scar passes through his eye, hinting at difficulties from the past or trauma in his life.

This mysterious discovery triggers memories of Omen, prompting memories of his identity and mission.

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Despite these revelations, the trailer leaves much to the imagination, holding back the full reveal of Omen’s face and the circumstances that turned him into a shadowy enigma.

The story raises intriguing questions about Omen’s enigmatic journey and the complexities of his past, leaving fans eager for more insight into the unfolding story.

Real name and identity of Omen investigated

According to the Valorant Wiki, Omen has many aliases, such as John, Fred, Marcus, Yohan, and Dimitri. However, his real name is unknown, and he himself has limited memories of his past.

He just knows that he was involved in something for which he was torn apart and killed, and that he had a connection with a place called Point Light.

Point Light is a mysterious location mentioned by several agents in Valorant, such as Phoenix, Jett, Reyna, and Skye.

Valorant Omen identity
With aliases such as John, Fred, Marcus, Yohan and Dimitri, Omen hides his real name and past with limited memory. (Image source: DBLTAP)

It is speculated to be where the Radiants, humans who gained supernatural powers from an event called the First Light, were experimented on or recruited by various factions.

Omen may have been one of those Radiants or a victim of their experiments. Omen is also in a close relationship with Viper, who calls him by his real name Sabine.

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Viper is a scientist who works for the Kingdom Corporation, a powerful company that exploits radiation and its energy sources.

Viper seems to have remorse or guilt for what she did to Omen and resentment or anger at his betrayal. It’s not clear if Viper was trying to kill Omen in the trailer or save him in the trailer.

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