Who is Nima Momeni, sister of Khazar Momeni? Meet Bob Lee’s suspected brother and parents

People are curious to know more about Bob Lee’s suspect Nima Momena’s sister. Learn more about Nima’s family in this article.

On Thursday, 38-year-old Nima Momeni was arrested and charged with the murder of Bob Lee, the founder of Cash App.

The death of Lee, who was found with stab wounds in San Francisco’s Rincon Hill neighborhood on April 4, shocked the tech industry, and his friends and colleagues are mourning his loss.

San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins released a statement saying Nima Momeni has been charged with murder in connection with the death of Bob Lee and is scheduled to appear in court on Friday.

Prosecutors plan to request that Momeni be held without bail. It is currently unknown if Momeni has legal representation to speak on his behalf.

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Who is Nima Momeni, sister of Khazar Momeni?

Momena’s sister, Khazar Momeniis registered as the owner of the unit in the Millennium Tower building.

Nima’s sister is the wife of a famous plastic surgeon from San Francisco, Dr. Dino Elyassnia.

Although she first gained public attention with her marriage to Dr. Dino, she came back into the limelight after her brother was arrested for the murder of Bob Lee.

dr. Dino Elyasnia is married to Khazar Momeni, the sister of Nima Momeni, the suspect in the murder of Bob Lee. (Image source: Daily mail)

There is minimal public information about Khazar; she preferred to keep her information secret.

According to many sources, she was close to her brother, and will probably be present at today’s court for the further process of her brother’s arrest.

Meet suspect Bob Lee Nima Momeni, brother and parents

Nima was raised together with his sister; there is no public information about his brother. People are curious to know about him in detail.

According to information, suspect Bob Lee only had a sister who came into the limelight because of her husband.

Nima’s parents were not involved in the arrest and the charge their son is facing. No public information has been released about his parents.

Often, many people prefer to keep information about their personal life away from the eyes of the media and sources.

Nima lived alone and did not seem to bond with his parents, but he had a good relationship with his sister.

More about suspect Bob Lee Nima Momena

Nima Momeni was arrested by San Francisco police April 14, 2023regarding the murder of CTO Bob Lee.

Momeni was arrested at his apartment in Emeryville, a 10-minute drive across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco.

Momeni, owner of Expand IT, a technology and cybersecurity company in Emeryville, has a criminal record that includes convictions for driving under the influence and driving without a license in Santa Clara County.

Video footage shows Bob Lee walking precariously through the streets of downtown San Francisco as he cries for help after being stabbed.
A video of Bob Lee shows him walking precariously through the streets of downtown San Francisco as he cries for help after being stabbed. (Image source: Daily mail)

He was also fined and jailed in Alameda County for allegedly selling a knife and driving with a suspended license.

Nima is scheduled to appear in court on April 15, and prosecutors plan to request that he be denied release.

The police chief and district attorney are committed to getting justice for the Lee family. Momeni could face a lengthy prison sentence if convicted of the serious charges against him.

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