Who is Teresa Bonvalot, Kanoa Igarashi’s girlfriend? Netto value

Kanoa Igarashi and his girlfriend, Teresa Bonvalot, get together and make a big splash in the world of competitive surfing.

Igarashi recently won the WSL Rip Curl Pro and the World Surf League Championship, leading to his ultimate qualification for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

He became the youngest surfer to win the US Under-18 Championship. In the same year, he won the Governor’s Cup at the Surfing America Championships.

Igarashi kept expanding his bets on the qualifying series. In 2016 he won the Hang Loose Pro and the Pantin Classic, and in 2017 he had an emotional victory lap at his hometown break in Huntington Beach during the US Open of Surfing.

Who is Teresa Bonvalot, Kanoa Igarashi’s girlfriend?

On the WQS show, Kanoa Igarashi met his portuguese girl, Teresa Bonvalot. And she begins to leave her mark.

Igarashi recently completed his first season at CT and ended the season with an impressive second place at the Billabong Pipe Masters.

Kanoa Igarashi with his girlfriend Teresa. (Source: Instagram)

North of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, in the wave-rich region of Cascais, Teresa Bonvalot spent her formative years. Many pundits predicted she would quickly move from QS to CT due to her smooth, effortless style and exceptional technical ability. Although she finished in the top 20 in 2018, she has yet to show the consistency needed to pass the test.

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Since Bonvalot finished third and fifth at the last World Junior Championships, many experts consider her the most promising young athlete in Europe. Although it is still early days for the young couple, their future seems promising.

Kanoa Igarashi’s family: who was he born to?

Kano Igarashi’s parents immigrated to Huntington Beach from Japan, where they raised their two sons, one of whom is a regular World Surfing Championship competitor.

The whole a family story It appears to be coming full circle with Kano’s selection to represent Japan this summer in the inaugural Olympic surfing competition.

Kanoa Igarashi's parents
Kanoa Igarashi with his parents. (Source: Facebook)

He now seems to believe that his current aspirations are a tribute to his parents’ difficulties in immigrating to America. He could best achieve this by choosing to represent Japan on the WSL Championship tour.

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The fact that Kano will be representing Japan in surfing at their beach, according to Kano’s father, Tsutomo Igarashi, is such an amazing story.

How much is Kanoa Igarashi net worth?

According to idolnetworth.comKanoa Igarashi’s net worth is estimated at $70 million.

He started surfing when he was only three years old, and entered his first competition at the age of six. His fame soon spread around the world when he started appearing in several seasons of a Japanese reality TV program.

Kanoa was the youngest debutant at the 2016 Tour at 18, but his mature approach caught people’s attention. He collected more first-round wins than any other surfer on Tour that year and stunned everyone with a second-place finish at Pipeline.

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Igarashi, who has dual citizenship of Japan and the United States, visits Portugal more often. In his pursuit of his oft-stated ultimate goal of becoming a world champion, the global citizen has added an affinity for strong reefs to his impressive surfing repertoire by purchasing a home in the wave-rich Ericeira area.

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