Why was the Filipino comedian arrested?

Find the truth behind Awra Briguel’s headline-grabbing scandal and the reason for her arrest.

Awra Briguela, a popular Filipino comedian and actress, shot to fame with her role in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, cast by Coco Martin.

Her inspiring life story was featured in an unforgettable episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya in 2016.

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Scandal and controversy of Awr Briguel

Awra Briguela is located during the scandals and controversies that took place on June 29.

A video on social media shows the 19-year-old actress being taken into custody by police outside a pub in Makati City.

According to the Southern Police District (SPD), Awra allegedly got into a fight with a group of men, demanding that one of them take off his shirt.

She allegedly torn his shirt when her request was refused, resulting in a physical confrontation.

Awra received support from internet users and celebrities. Namely, YouTuber Riva Quenery, Awra’s longtime friend, loudly defended her.

Riva raised questions about why Awra was the only one caught and arrested, demanding a more thorough investigation into the involvement of other men in the fight.

After the incident, Zayla Nakajima, a content creator also with Briguel at the bar, took to social media to dismiss the rumors that were circulating.

A post shared by Zayla Nakajima, supporting Awra Briguela. (Image source: Cosmopolitan)

Although her post has since been deleted, Zayla shared her account, stating that Awra’s actions were driven by the need to protect her friends from men who were allegedly trying to sexually harass her.

By offering this clarification, Zayla wanted to provide an alternative perspective.

This development has sparked intense debates and requires a deeper examination of the events surrounding Briguela’s scandal and subsequent arrest.

As the situation continues, individuals eagerly await additional information and clarification to shed light on the ongoing events.

People remain on hold, eagerly awaiting updates to better understand the situation.

Why was Filipino comedian Awra Briguela arrested?

Briguela, a famous Filipino comedian, was arrested after he was involved in a fight outside a pub in Makati City.

The incident led to criminal charges against her including bodily harm, alarm and scandal, disobeying authority and direct assault.

The Southern Police District (SPD) reported that Awra allegedly caused a disturbance at the Bolt Hole Bar and was arrested by police around 5am on Thursday.

Prosecutor Mark Christian Ravana said the altercation occurred during a farewell party.

Awra and a few others approached Ravana’s group and allegedly started a fight. The situation escalated when Awra violently tore Ravana’s shirt and her friends joined in.

When the police intervened, Awra allegedly began verbally abusing the officers, disregarding their authority. She also pushed one of the officers who arrested her, which led to her arrest.

Awra Briguel scandal
Awra Briguela was taken into custody after an altercation outside the Makati Bar. (Image source: Zeibiz)

The incident involving Briguela has sparked heated debate, with different accounts and perspectives contributing to the ongoing debate surrounding her arrest and the circumstances surrounding the fight.

The case will now be forwarded to the City Prosecutor’s Office for processing.

As the investigation continues, different accounts and perspectives have emerged, adding to the ongoing debate surrounding Briguela’s arrest and the circumstances of the incident.

Briguela remains in police custody, and will remain in custody until the end of the investigation.

As the investigation progresses, more details will be revealed, allowing for more updates.

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