YouTube star W2S married influencer Sasha Appleton

At the heart of YouTube sensation W2S’s rise to fame lies the unwavering support of his parents, Tricia and Adrian Lewis, who have quietly contributed to their son’s growing online career. W2S, whose real name is Harry Lewis, has won over millions with his engaging FIFA gameplay and comedic videos, often seen in his signature blue jumper. Despite Harry’s prominence on the digital stage, his parents have played a key role in his life away from the public eye.

The family hails from the picturesque Channel Islands, and Harry was born in Alderney and later moved to Guernsey in 2004. Harry’s schooling included time at Guernsey Grammar School, where he was accompanied by younger brother Josh and sister Rosie. Throughout his online adventure, his mother Tricia has been a constant source of encouragement. Working as a nurse in Guernsey, she not only supports her son’s endeavours, but occasionally steps into the limelight herself, contributing to charities such as the 2019 Mount Kilimanjaro climb, which raised funds for Comic Relief. Tricia’s life, travels and hobbies are shared with followers on her Instagram account @tricia.lewis.58, providing a window into the world of the Lewis family.

Adrian Lewis, Harry’s father, is a financial advisor whose understated but firm support for his son’s creative endeavors is evident. An avid football enthusiast, Adrian’s support extends beyond his professional life into his personal interests, including supporting Manchester United. His interactions on Twitter via @adrianlewis1969 often include sports commentary, political views and proud reflections on Harry’s latest endeavours.

On the personal front, Harry, better known as W2S, recently celebrated his marriage to Sasha Appleton, a social media influencer and model, in a lavish ceremony in Dubai. We shared this joyful occasion in December 2023 with close friends, family and fellow members of the Sidemen collective. This marked a new chapter in Harry’s life, following his previous relationship with Katie Leach.

Sasha Appleton, who became a partner of W2S, has rich British and Russian ancestry, and was born on April 15, 1998 in London. She first gained recognition in the modeling industry, working with various brands and appearing in numerous publications before venturing into social media. On Instagram, her account @sasha.appleton attracts an impressive following of 3 million people, while her YouTube channel has amassed over 1 million subscribers, where she shares content ranging from vlogs to challenges, often with her husband.

The pair, both prominent figures on YouTube, often collaborate, creating content that resonates with their large audiences. Their mutual love of animals is also evident, with their beloved dogs Herb and Luna appearing in their lives. The union of W2S and Sasha Appleton is more than just a marriage; it’s a partnership that inspires their fans, showing how shared passions and a collaborative spirit can foster a strong relationship.

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