Is Tekken Knee Arrested? What he did and where he is

Tekken Knee fans are curious as to what allegedly happened after the news of his arrest went viral.

Knee won Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in 2013, Tekken 7 at EVO Japan 2018 and EVO 2022, making him a three-time EVO champion.

Although he is best known for his role as Bryan, he has shown skill with a variety of characters throughout his career. He is known for his overall mastery of the game rather than a specific skill set.

Knee is considered by many to be the greatest Tekken player of all time due to his many notable tournament wins and consistency over two decades of Tekken competition.

He became the first Tekken player to unlock every character in the game and achieved Tekken God Omega, the highest possible rank, in October 2021.

Is Tekken Knee Arrested?

Luckily, Tekken Knee was not arrested and the news of his arrest was just a lie.

The fake news about Knee’s arrest went around viral on reddit after the user wrote that he was arrested and imprisoned. However, the news is false, and Knee did nothing to get arrested.

Knee became the greatest Tekken player in history. (Source: YouTube)

He started dominating Tekken 5 in 2007 and consistently ranks high in competitions around the world. His methodical, meticulous approach to Tekken research is the secret to his consistency.

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By playing every character in the game to understand their gear and interactions with other characters, Knee has accumulated an unparalleled level of knowledge of the game using his decade and a half of competitive experience.

What did Tekken Knee do? His career achievements

The knee came across strong competition during the first two years of Tekken 7 while other elite competitors like JDCR, Saint, and Qudans rose through the ranks.

He only managed to win the Abuget Cup Challenger event and, in a shocking upset during his first Tekken World Tour 2017 season, lost all of his group stage matches in the finals to Nobi, Saint and Jimmyjtran.

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The Korean, who won EVO Japan 2018 and a total of five Masters events en route to the final, will make a full comeback in the 2018 campaign. After being eliminated by eventual champion Rangchu, the Korean finished third overall.

Knee in Pakistan
Jae-min “Knee” Bae plays Tekken during his trip to Pakistan. (Source:

To prepare for the Tekken World Tour Finals, Jae-Min “Knee” Bae also visited Pakistan in 2019.

It made perfect sense for Knee to travel to Pakistan before the Tekken World Tour finals, both to learn from a nation that hasn’t had much exposure overseas and to pay tribute to the local fighting game scene for its explosive debut.

Where is Tekken Knee now?

Tekken Knee is currently under contract with ROX Dragons. Knee played all the fighting games he could get his hands on as he was an avid fan.

But as Tekken continued to thrive over time, other franchises began to disappear or lose their arcade presence, forcing Knee to concentrate primarily on the Tekken brand. Since there was no professional athlete at the time, Knee’s main goal was “to be the best in Korea.”

Knee eventually surpassed that goal, rising to not only the best player in Korea, but the best player in the entire world—until he encountered Arslan Ash, a formidable opponent.

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Knee successfully defended his third EVO title in 2022 with Feng, losing only two games to Khan throughout the competition.

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