Amra Deisenhammer: From fleeing war to fashion and cosmetics titan

Amra Deisenhammer stands as proof of the convergence of artistic talent and entrepreneurial acumen. Her journey, which began with a harrowing escape from Sarajevo in the middle of the war in 1992, led her to become an influential force in the field of set design and costume design, as well as in the fashion industry. This creative expert has not only carved out a niche for herself in the arts, but also holds a strategic position at GW Cosmetics, where she brings her innovative vision to the fore.

Her recent wedding to Rainer Deisenhammer, owner of GW Cosmetics, not only celebrates the joining of hearts, but also symbolizes the merging of creative and business endeavors. This personal development is complemented by her professional advancements, as she plays a key role in managing the company’s marketing strategies and product design. The couple’s alliance is also reflected in their support of the arts and culture, as evidenced by their sponsorship of esteemed events, including the Opera Ball, and the launch of their “United in Beauty” themed celebration.

Amra Deisenhammer’s career path is a story of triumph over adversity. Despite the shadow cast by the war in Sarajevo and poignant reminders of conflict brought to the fore by recent events in Ukraine, she continued to excel in select areas. Her entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in the establishment of her own fashion brand, which is known for its unique Viennese charm.

The Deisenhammer duo’s commitment to cultural patronage is further reflected in the integration of GW Cosmetics products into Amra Vienna’s retail spaces, showcasing a seamless blend of artistic flair and cosmetic innovation. The launch of RefectoCil®’s new Intense Brow(n)s line exemplifies the brand’s commitment to growth and international reach, with the United States market being a key area of ​​expansion.

The celebration of this latest business achievement is shared with friends, colleagues and dignitaries, highlighting Deisenhammer’s embodiment of entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and joy. Their shared vision not only elevates the brand, but also strengthens their position as a champion in art and culture.

At the age of 45, Amra Deisenhammer reflects a mosaic of experiences that shaped her into a model of resilience and creative ingenuity. Her early struggles gave way to a blossoming career spanning various creative disciplines. Salzburg’s Mozarteum, where she perfected her piano skills, marks the beginning of a journey that will lead to the creation of “Amra Wien”, her fashion label that echoes the elegance of Vienna.

While time has brought new challenges, Deisenhammer remains steadfast, allowing her experiences to inform her creative and business practices. Her partnership with her husband in GW Cosmetics is a testament to her ability to combine artistic vision with strategic insight. As each year passes, her age becomes a symbol of the depth of her experience and her unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Together with Rainer Deisenhammer, he continues to navigate the intersections of art, culture and commerce, forging a path marked by innovation, sophistication and indomitable spirit. Their journey together is one of shared inspiration and aspiration, setting the benchmark for others in the creative and business communities.

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