Meet Solomon and Betty Whitefield

Discover the story of DC Young Fly’s parents and their influence on his life. Learn more about his family and nationality.

John Whitfield, popularly known as Dc Young Fly, is an American actor, rapper and internet star known for his roles on MTV’s ‘Wild ‘n Out’ and as the host of ‘TRL’.

Raised in the Adamsville neighborhood of Atlanta, he gained fame for his mischievous nature and love of DC Comics.

With a significant following on Vine, YouTube and Instagram, Dc Young Fly’s online presence has catapulted his career.

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Parents of DC Young Fly: father Solomon and mother Betty Whitefield

DC Young Fly, born in Solomon Whitefield and Betty Whitefieldexperienced the separation of his parents in 2006, which led to the end of their marriage.

Although Whitefield’s father is no longer with us, he had a strong and positive relationship with him.

After he gained fame in the entertainment industry, his mother Betty Whitefield became more visible in the public eye.

The rapper often features his mother in his YouTube videos, and they are often seen attending events together, showing their close relationship.

DC Young Fly parents
DC Young Fly pictured with his mother, Betty Whitefield. (Image source: Instagram)

Publicly available information about Whitefield’s parents was minimal throughout his career.

Details of their identities, personal lives and backgrounds have yet to be widely disclosed or explored in the public domain.

Whitefield chose to maintain privacy around his parents, keeping them out of the public eye.

In his early career, he became famous by participating in the comedy show ‘Wild ‘N Out’.

Whitefield’s comedic talent and wit caught the attention of audiences, and he became a regular cast member on the show.

He showed his versatility and creativity through his YouTube channel, which he opened in 2014.

With a growing subscriber base and millions of views, Young Fly has taken advantage of the platform to share content, including comedy sketches, music videos and engaging live streams.

Whitefield established his presence in television and film throughout his early career, and his subsequent success and dedication to his art made him a rising star in the entertainment industry.

DC Young Fly Ethnicity and Religion

DC Young Fly identifies as African Americanrespecting his heritage and cultural background.

He embraces his African American identity and often incorporates elements of his culture and experience into his artwork.

DC Young Fly parents
DC Young Fly’s ethnicity reflects his African origins and cultural heritage. (Image source: The Sun of the USA)

Whitefield’s religion is often referred to as Christianity, and there are indications that he strongly believed in this belief system.

A number of internet sources refer to him as a Christian, suggesting that he follows the teachings and principles of Christianity.

DC Young Fly Girl: Is He Married?

John Whitfield was in a relationship with Jacklyn Smith, who died in May 2023 at the age of 32.

The couple was together for several years and together they had three children, daughters Nova and Nala and son Prince.

Young Fly first appeared on the Wild N’ Out television shows when they dated together and were together until Smith’s death.

DC Young Fly Girlfriend
DC Young Fly partner pictured with his children. (Image source: Instagram)

Although Whitefield and Jacklyn Smith were not married, they were in a committed relationship and lived together with their children.

Their social media posts depicted their happy and fulfilling life as a family, often sharing pictures that captured their joyful moments together.

Although they did not formalize their relationship with marriage, they found happiness in their life together and appreciated the time spent with their children.

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