Putin and Carlson’s interview spawns viral memes

A recent dialogue between Tucker Carlson, a prominent figure in the American conservative media, and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow sparked a series of responses, and the conversation became a rich source of social media humor and meme creation.

In a lengthy two-hour exchange, Putin provided a significant historical rationale for the conflict with Ukraine. His story spans from the beginning of the Ryurik dynasty to the collapse of the Soviet Union. This deep dive into history was met with varying levels of reception, with some viewers finding it enlightening, while others saw it as a subject for satire.

Social media users, always quick to find the bright side, turned parts of the interview into memes. One such joke was a meme with the text “Is it your turn?” mocking the late-night interview slot from a Moscow perspective.

The introduction to the interview also became a topic of conversation online, particularly about Putin’s fashion choices, with internet chatter focused on his trousers. Blogger Uliana Yapparova tweeted a mock question to Carlson: “Who picks your pants?” This playful joke about Putin’s wardrobe provided a humorous distraction from the more serious political story.

One meme humorously alluded to a well-known statement about Russian allies, suggesting that Putin’s only friends were “Twix the cat and Tucker Carlson.” This includes a reference to a recent Russian national incident in which a cat named Twix was tragically thrown from a train and subsequently froze to death, becoming a symbol of national outrage.

Anton Pikuli, a Russian comedian, captured the essence of the interview dynamic with a meme representing Putin’s tendency to deflect direct questions with historical references. This showed the surreal quality of the interview for many viewers.

Humor was also found in the idea of ​​Carlson asking Putin about the “Soviet bow,” a satirical question that may have been posed by British comedian Philomena Cunk, adding a whimsical element to an otherwise serious political interview.

The article also pokes fun at Putin’s historical justification for invading Ukraine, suggesting that he could have traced back even further, perhaps to the dawn of the solar system or even the Big Bang, to find reasons for his actions.

In anticipation of receiving the interview, the meme predicted the creation of a new celebratory day, “February 9 — Information War Victory Day,” reflecting the expected social media frenzy following the broadcast.

In addition to the comic reactions, the content of the interview prompted questions about Carlson’s interview technique, noting his calm demeanor and lack of burning questions about Russia’s activities in Ukraine and Putin’s controversial comments.

Political analysts have speculated about Putin’s strategic selection of Carlson for the interview, seeing it as a move to potentially influence conservative factions within the Republican Party, especially in an election year.

After the interview, Carlson reflected on the unexpected depth of Putin’s historical portrayal, expressing his uncertainty about the nature of the interview and the Russian leader’s success in conveying his perspective, alluding to Putin’s enigmatic character.

After all, the serious geopolitical discourse between Putin and Carlson was met with an undercurrent of humor online. The online community chimed in on various aspects of the interview, from Putin’s sweeping historical narratives to his fashion sense, as well as Carlson’s approach to the interview, bringing a lighter tone to the intense geopolitical dialogue.

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