Where is Kylie Pentelow going after leaving ITV News? Salary

Many are wondering where Kylie Pentelow will go after leaving ITV News. Here’s what we know.

Kylie Pentelow, an English journalist and TV news presenter, has left a significant mark in journalism.

She is the presenter of ITV News West Country and ITV Weekend News.

Her career took an interesting turn in February 2019 when she embarked on a one-year stint as presenter of ‘Wales at Six’ for ITV Cymru Wales, demonstrating her versatility.

In March 2020, Kylie co-hosted the four-part series “Dr. Ranj On Call” on ITV, further demonstrating his journalistic skills.

Her career continued to flourish when she took on the role of presenter of ITV Lunchtime News in April 2021, followed by the ITV Evening News in May 2021, witnessing her growing prominence in the industry.

Kylie’s presence on television continues to inform and engage audiences across the UK.

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Where is Kylie Pentelow going? Leaving ITV News

After a long and dedicated stint with ITV News West Country, Kylie Pentelow is saying goodbye to the program to embrace a new chapter in her career.

Her journey in the studio began in July 2013, and over the years she has been a constant and familiar presence on our screens.

Presenter Kylie Pentelow bids farewell to ITV News (Source: ITVX)

During her time on ITV News West Country, Kylie shared the presenter slot with a variety of presenters including Ian Axton, Jonty Messer and, most recently, Sabet Choudhury.

Pentelova presence extended beyond regional programming, as she also became a recognizable face on ITV’s national news.

Kylie expressed her fondness for camaraderie within the newsroom, highlighting the culture of openness and support at ITV News.

She is grateful for the opportunity to explore her ideas and grow within the organization.

With a decade of experience, she feels ready for the next chapter in her career.

Reflecting on her time on ITV News West Country, Kylie highlighted her influential work to raise awareness of the dangers of skin cancer following her father’s death.

Her efforts have encouraged viewers to take their health seriously, leading to life-saving actions like removing moles after watching her reports.

Kylie’s co-host, Sabet Choudhury, expressed her deep respect for Kylie and the void left by her departure.

As Kylie Pentelow embarks on her new journey, viewers and colleagues will undoubtedly remember her legacy of impactful reporting and commitment to public service.

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Kylie Pentelow new job and salary

Kylie Pentelow was tight-lipped about her new job and the next step in her career.

Her silence about her next career move, including details about her new job and salary, has kept fans guessing about her future endeavors.

Kylie has left her role on ITV News West Country, and while many are interested in her next job and salary, she is staying tight-lipped about it for now.

Where is Kylie Pentelow going
Kylie Pentelow is leaving ITV News (Source: Medium)

Her next career move remains a mystery, leaving fans and media eagerly awaiting the big reveal.

In terms of finances, Kylie has built up an estimated net worth of around 500 thousand dollars through his successful career.

This reflects her dedication and hard work as a journalist and her ability to connect with viewers through impactful news.

But her current salary is also a closely guarded secret. Journalists’ salaries can vary widely depending on their role, location and the media organization they work for.

Kylie chose to keep this information private, perhaps to maintain a sense of anticipation and privacy during this transition.

Her decision to keep her new job a secret is not uncommon in journalism.

This adds an element of surprise and intrigue to her career move.

Her audience and followers must wait patiently to discover where she lends her talents next.

As Kylie enters this new chapter, her fans will no doubt be excited to learn more about her future endeavors and continue to support her on her journalistic journey.

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