Where is TikTok Star from?

Thewizardliz is a Tik Tok star known for her self-development, mental health and spiritual content. Let’s see and understand where it is from?

Today, someone or something goes viral on Tik Tok, which lasts for several months, excites people who see the video. But thanks to people’s short attention spans, many people can show them off on social media.

However, with trends, many people will be forgotten after a few days when a new person with more creative ideas is seen on this type of social media.

Thewizardliz Religion: Where Did TikTok Star Come From?

Wizardliz’s religion has never been disclosed to the media, her Tik Tok followers and YouTube subscribers, but she may follow Christianity.

The famous Tik Tok user is also a YouTuber with over a million subscribers; where her videos are clear; she wears fancy clothes and confidently conveys her truth.

Thewizardliz Religion has never been shared with viewers ( Source: Instagram )

There were questions where he was from. Her fans and followers were curious and speculated about them. However, she never revealed them on social networks.

According to starsbiopediashe is from the United States, but, as he said don’t wonder she is from Antwerp, Belgium.

So we can only be sure of the information about Thewizardliz’s religion and where it is from when the YouTuber reveals it herself.

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Ethnicity and nationality of Thewizardliz family

Although Thewizardliz is famous on YouTube and Tik Tok, information related to her family is unknown to viewers.

However, when she posted a video of her vacation on her Tik Tok, she showed her mother, Zakynthos, with a white cat named King Snowie, but there is no information about her father so far.

Details about her parents, such as their full name, age, profession, and details of their daily lives, were not revealed in order to keep their personal lives private, and she was successful in that.

In one of them Instagram post, she wrote, “My sister said I look like I gave birth to a bag and now I can’t take it off,” so she has a sister, but it can’t be her if she’s older or younger.

One of her fans chirped if anyone knew the ethnicity of the wizard lizard, but of them people commented that she was Chenchen, Moroccan, or Caucasian; however, none of them could tell her nationality.

Thewizardliz Ethnicity
Many of her fans question her ethnicity ( Source: Twitter )

No sources have revealed her race and nationality, but we can tell until she reveals them or other sources write about them.

But according to don’t ask yourselfshe was born in Antwerp, Belgium, so she may be a permanent resident of Belgium and hold Belgian citizenship.

Thewizardliz Wikipedia

Wizard Liz is an ordinary person who rose to fame through her Tik Tok video, so she doesn’t have Wikipedia, and Wiki doesn’t have information about her.

She is known for her self-development, mental health and spiritual content, where she also blogs about her fitness routine, travel and daily life, as she reports famous birthdays.

The star first released her video in May 2021, showing footage from her school days versus the present day and posted a video with self-improvement tips on her YouTube channel.

She has over 1.6 million subscribers and posts selfies, travel content and modeling on her Instagram account, with more than 430k followers.

Thewizardliz Wikipedia
Thewizardliz motivates his subscribers with his videos and experiences ( Source: Twitter )

Despite having millions of subscribers on YouTube, she successfully hid her private life from the media and the public.

She had ED and now wants to help people empower their bodies, and uses her experiences to inspire her viewers.

As for her physical appearance, she is 1.65 m tall and weighs 52 kg. with brown eyes, as he states starsbopedia.

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As she has just started gaining fame, she still has a long way to go and has received the support of more people around the world.

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